Ester  Capitulo 10 - King James with Numbers Strong

Est 10:1 And the king H4428 Ahasuerus H325 laid H7760 a tribute H4522 upon H5921 the land, H776 and upon the isles H339 of the sea.H3220

Est 10:2 And all H3605 the acts H4639 of his power H8633 and of his might, H1369 and the declaration H6575 of the greatness H1420 of Mordecai, H4782 whereunto H834 the king H4428 advanced H1431 him, are they H1992 not H3808 written H3789 in H5921 the book H5612 of the chronicles H1697 H3117 of the kings H4428 of Media H4074 and Persia?H6539

Est 10:3 For H3588 Mordecai H4782 the Jew H3064 was next H4932 unto king H4428 Ahasuerus, H325 and great H1419 among the Jews, H3064 and accepted H7521 of the multitude H7230 of his brethren, H251 seeking H1875 the wealth H2896 of his people, H5971 and speaking H1696 peace H7965 to all H3605 his seed.H2233

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