Hechos  Capitulo 18 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 18:1 ( G1161) After G3326 these things G5023 Paul G3972 departed G5563 from G1537 Athens, G116 and came G2064 to G1519 Corinth;G2882

Hec 18:2 And G2532 found G2147 a certain G5100 Jew G2453 named G3686 Aquila, G207 born G1085 in Pontus, G4193 lately G4373 come G2064 from G575 Italy, G2482 with G2532 his G848 wife G1135 Priscilla; (because that G4252 Claudius G2804 had commanded G1299 all G3956 Jews G2453 to depart G5563 from G1537 Rome:) G4516 and came G4334 unto them.G846

Hec 18:3 And G2532 because he was G1511 of the G3588 same craft, G3673 he abode G3306 with G3844 them, G846 and G2532 wrought: G2038 for G1063 by their occupation G5078 they were G2258 tentmakers.G4635

Hec 18:4 And G1161 he reasoned G1256 in G1722 the G3588 synagogue G4864 every G2596 G3956 sabbath, G4521 and G5037 persuaded G3982 the Jews G2453 and G2532 the Greeks.G1672

Hec 18:5 And G1161 whenG5613( G5037) Silas G4609 and G2532 Timotheus G5095 were come G2718 from G575 Macedonia, G3109 Paul G3972 was pressed G4912 in the G3588 spirit, G4151 and testified G1263 to the G3588 Jews G2453 that Jesus G2424 was Christ.G5547

Hec 18:6 And G1161 when they G846 opposed themselves, G498 and G2532 blasphemed, G987 he shook G1621 his raiment, G2440 and said G2036 unto G4314 them, G846 Your G5216 blood G129 be upon G1909 your own G5216 heads; G2776 I G1473 am clean: G2513 from G575 henceforth G3568 I will go G4198 unto G1519 the G3588 Gentiles.G1484

Hec 18:7 And G2532 he departed G3327 thence, G1564 and entered G2064 into G1519 a certain G5100 man's house, G3614 named G3686 Justus, G2459 one that worshipped G4576 God, G2316 whose G3739 house G3614 joined hard G2258 G4927 to the G3588 synagogue.G4864

Hec 18:8 And G1161 Crispus, G2921 the G3588 chief ruler of the synagogue, G752 believed G4100 on the G3588 Lord G2962 with G4862 all G3650 his G848 house; G3624 and G2532 many G4183 of the G3588 Corinthians G2881 hearing G191 believed, G4100 and G2532 were baptized.G907

Hec 18:9 Then G1161 spake G2036 the G3588 Lord G2962 to Paul G3972 in G1722 the night G3571 by G1223 a vision, G3705 Be not afraid, G5399 G3361 but G235 speak, G2980 and G2532 hold not thy peace: G4623 G3361

Hec 18:11 And G5037 he continued G2523 there a year G1763 and G2532 six G1803 months, G3376 teaching G1321 the G3588 word G3056 of God G2316 among G1722 them.G846

Hec 18:12 And G1161 when Gallio G1058 was the deputy G445 of Achaia, G882 the G3588 Jews G2453 made insurrection with one accord against G2721 G3661 Paul, G3972 and G2532 brought G71 him G846 to G1909 the G3588 judgment seat,G968

Hec 18:13 Saying, G3004 This G3778 fellow persuadeth G374 men G444 to worship G4576 God G2316 contrary G3844 to the G3588 law.G3551

Hec 18:14 And G1161 when Paul G3972 was now about G3195 to open G455 his mouth, G4750 Gallio G1058 said G2036 unto G4314 the G3588 Jews, G2453 If G1487 it( G3303 G3767) were G2258 a( G5100) matter of wrong G92 or G2228 wicked G4190 lewdness, G4467 O G5599 ye Jews, G2453 reason G3056 would that I should bear with G430 G302 you:G5216

Hec 18:16 And G2532 he drave G556 them G846 from G575 the G3588 judgment seat.G968

Hec 18:17 Then G1161 all G3956 the G3588 Greeks G1672 took G1949 Sosthenes, G4988 the G3588 chief ruler of the synagogue, G752 and beat G5180 him before G1715 the G3588 judgment seat. G968 And G2532 Gallio G1058 cared for G3199 none G3762 of those things.G5130

Hec 18:18 And G1161 Paul G3972 after this tarried G4357 there yet G2089 a good while, G2425 G2250 and then took his leave G657 of the G3588 brethren, G80 and sailed thence G1602 into G1519 Syria, G4947 and G2532 with G4862 him G846 Priscilla G4252 and G2532 Aquila; G207 having shorn G2751 his head G2776 in G1722 Cenchrea: G2747 for G1063 he had G2192 a vow.G2171

Hec 18:19 And G1161 he came G2658 to G1519 Ephesus, G2181 and left them G2548 G2641 there: G847 but G1161 he G848 himself entered G1525 into G1519 the G3588 synagogue, G4864 and reasoned G1256 with the G3588 Jews.G2453

Hec 18:20 When G1161 they G846 desired G2065 him to tarry G3306 longer G4119 time G5550 with G3844 them, G846 he consented G1962 not;G3756

Hec 18:21 But G235 bade them farewell, G657 G846 saying, G2036 I G3165 must G1163 by all means G3843 keep G4160 this feast G1859 that cometh G2064 in G1519 Jerusalem: G2414 but G1161 I will return G344 again G3825 unto G4314 you, G5209 if God G2316 will. G2309 And G2532 he sailed G321 from G575 Ephesus.G2181

Hec 18:22 And G2532 when he had landed G2718 at G1519 Caesarea, G2542 and gone up, G305 and G2532 saluted G782 the G3588 church, G1577 he went down G2597 to G1519 Antioch.G490

Hec 18:23 And G2532 after he had spent G4160 some G5100 time G5550 there, he departed, G1831 and went over G1330 all the G3588 country G5561 of Galatia G1054 and G2532 Phrygia G5435 in order, G2517 strengthening G1991 all G3956 the G3588 disciples.G3101

Hec 18:24 And G1161 a certain G5100 Jew G2453 named G3686 Apollos, G625 born G1085 at Alexandria, G221 an eloquent G3052 man, G435 and( G5607) mighty G1415 in G1722 the G3588 scriptures, G1124 came G2658 to G1519 Ephesus.G2181

Hec 18:25 This man G3778 was G2258 instructed G2727 in the G3588 way G3598 of the G3588 Lord; G2962 and G2532 being fervent G2204 in the G3588 spirit, G4151 he spake G2980 and G2532 taught G1321 diligently G199 the things G3588 of G4012 the G3588 Lord, G2962 knowing G1987 only G3440 the G3588 baptism G908 of John.G2491

Hec 18:26 And G5037 he G3778 began G756 to speak boldly G3955 in G1722 the G3588 synagogue:G4864( G1161) whom G846 when Aquila G207 and G2532 Priscilla G4252 had heard, G191 they took him unto G4355 G846 them, and G2532 expounded G1620 unto him G846 the G3588 way G3598 of God G2316 more perfectly.G197

Hec 18:27 And G1161 when he G846 was disposed G1014 to pass G1330 into G1519 Achaia, G882 the G3588 brethren G80 wrote, G1125 exhorting G4389 the G3588 disciples G3101 to receive G588 him: G846 who, G3739 when he was come, G3854 helped G4820 them much G4183 which had believed G4100 through G1223 grace:G5485

Hec 18:28 For G1063 he mightily G2159 convinced G1246 the G3588 Jews, G2453 and that publickly, G1219 shewing G1925 by G1223 the G3588 scriptures G1124 that Jesus G2424 was G1511 Christ.G5547

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