Hechos  Capitulo 21 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 21:1 And G1161 it( G5613) came to pass, G1096 that after we G2248 were gotten G645 from G575 them, G846 and had launched, G321 we came G2064 with a straight course G2113 unto G1519 Coos, G2972 and G1161 the G3588 day following G1836 unto G1519 Rhodes, G4499 and from thence G2547 unto G1519 Patara:G3959

Hec 21:2 And G2532 finding G2147 a ship G4143 sailing over G1276 unto G1519 Phenicia, G5403 we went aboard, G1910 and set forth.G321

Hec 21:3 Now G1161 when we had discovered G398 Cyprus, G2954 we( G2532) left G2641 it G846 on the left hand, G2176 and sailed G4126 into G1519 Syria, G4947 and G2532 landed G2609 at G1519 Tyre: G5184 for G1063 there G1566 the G3588 ship G4143 was G2258 to unlade G670 her burden.G1117

Hec 21:4 And G2532 finding G429 disciples, G3101 we tarried G1961 there G847 seven G2033 days: G2250 who G3748 said G3004 to Paul G3972 through G1223 the G3588 Spirit, G4151 that he should not G3361 go up G305 to G1519 Jerusalem.G2419

Hec 21:5 And G1161 when G3753 we G2248 had G1096 accomplished G1822 those days, G2250 we departed G1831 and went our way; G4198 and they all G3956 brought us on our way, G4311 G2248 with G4862 wives G1135 and G2532 children, G5043 till G2193 we were out G1854 of the G3588 city: G4172 and G2532 we kneeled down G5087 G1119 on G1909 the G3588 shore, G123 and prayed.G4336

Hec 21:6 And G2532 when we had taken our leave G782 one of another, G240 we took ship; G1910 G1519 G4143 and G1161 they G1565 returned G5290 home again. G1519 G2398

Hec 21:7 And G1161 when we G2249 had finished G1274 our course G4144 from G575 Tyre, G5184 we came G2658 to G1519 Ptolemais, G4424 and G2532 saluted G782 the G3588 brethren, G80 and abode G3306 with G3844 them G846 one G3391 day.G2250

Hec 21:8 And G1161 the G3588 next G1887 day we that were of Paul's company G4012 G3972 departed, G1831 and came G2064 unto G1519 Caesarea: G2542 and G2532 we entered G1525 into G1519 the G3588 house G3624 of Philip G5376 the G3588 evangelist, G2099 which was G5607 one of G1537 the G3588 seven; G2033 and abode G3306 with G3844 him.G846

Hec 21:9 And G1161 the same man G5129 had G2258 four G5064 daughters, G2364 virgins, G3933 which did prophesy.G4395

Hec 21:10 And G1161 as we G2257 tarried G1961 there many G4119 days, G2250 there came down G2718 from G575 Judaea G2449 a certain G5100 prophet, G4396 named G3686 Agabus.G13

Hec 21:11 And G2532 when he was come G2064 unto G4314 us, G2248 he( G2532) took G142 Paul's G3972 girdle, G2223 and G5037 bound G1210 his own G848 hands G5495 and G2532 feet, G4228 and said, G2036 Thus G3592 saith G3004 the G3588 Holy G40 Ghost, G4151 So G3779 shall the G3588 Jews G2453 at G1722 Jerusalem G2419 bind G1210 the G3588 man G435 that G3739 owneth G2076 this G3778 girdle, G2223 and G2532 shall deliver G3860 him into G1519 the hands G5495 of the Gentiles.G1484

Hec 21:12 And G1161 when G5613 we heard G191 these things, G5023 both G5037 we, G2249 and G2532 they of that place, G1786 besought G3870 him G846 not G3361 to go up G305 to G1519 Jerusalem.G2419

Hec 21:13 Then G1161 Paul G3972 answered, G611 What G5101 mean G4160 ye to weep G2799 and G2532 to break G4919 mine G3450 heart? G2588 for G1063 I G1473 am G2192 ready G2093 not G3756 to be bound G1210 only, G3440 but G235 also G2532 to die G599 at G1519 Jerusalem G2419 for G5228 the G3588 name G3686 of the G3588 Lord G2962 Jesus.G2424

Hec 21:14 And G1161 when he G846 would not G3361 be persuaded, G3982 we ceased, G2270 saying, G2036 The G3588 will G2307 of the G3588 Lord G2962 be done.G1096

Hec 21:15 And G1161 after G3326 those G5025 days G2250 we took up our carriages, G643 and went up G305 to G1519 Jerusalem.G2419

Hec 21:16 There( G1161) went G4905 with G4862 us G2254 also G2532 certain of the G3588 disciples G3101 of G575 Caesarea, G2542 and brought G71 with them one G5100 Mnason G3416 of Cyprus, G2953 an old G744 disciple, G3101 with G3844 whom G3739 we should lodge.G3579

Hec 21:17 And G1161 when we G2257 were come G1096 to G1519 Jerusalem, G2414 the G3588 brethren G80 received G1209 us G2248 gladly.G780

Hec 21:18 And G1161 the G3588 day following G1966 Paul G3972 went in G1524 with G4862 us G2254 unto G4314 James; G2385 and G5037 all G3956 the G3588 elders G4245 were present.G3854

Hec 21:19 And G2532 when he had saluted G782 them, G846 he declared G1834 particularly G2596 G1520 G1538 what things G3739 God G2316 had wrought G4160 among G1722 the G3588 Gentiles G1484 by G1223 his G848 ministry.G1248

Hec 21:20 And G1161 when they G3588 heard G191 it, they glorified G1392 the G3588 Lord, G2962 and G5037 said G2036 unto him, G846 Thou seest, G2334 brother, G80 how many G4214 thousands G3461 of Jews G2453 there are G1526 which believe; G4100 and G2532 they are G5225 all G3956 zealous G2207 of the G3588 law:G3551

Hec 21:21 And G1161 they are informed G2727 of G4012 thee, G4675 that G3754 thou teachest G1321 all G3956 the Jews G2453 which G3588 are among G2596 the G3588 Gentiles G1484 to forsake G646 Moses, G3475 saying G3004 that they G846 ought not G3361 to circumcise G4059 their children, G5043 neither G3366 to walk G4043 after the G3588 customs.G1485

Hec 21:22 What G5101 is G2076 it therefore? G3767 the multitude G4128 must G1163 needs G3843 come together: G4905 for G1063 they will hear G191 that G3754 thou art come.G2064

Hec 21:23 Do G4160 therefore G3767 this G5124 that G3739 we say G3004 to thee: G4671 We G2254 have G1526 four G5064 men G435 which have G2192 a vow G2171 on G1909 them;G1438

Hec 21:24 Them G5128 take, G3880 and purify G48 thyself with G4862 them, G846 and G2532 be at charges G1159 with G1909 them, G846 that G2443 they may shave G3587 their heads: G2776 and G2532 all G3956 may know G1097 that G3754 those things, whereof G3739 they were informed G2727 concerning G4012 thee, G4675 are G2076 nothing; G3762 but G235 that thou G848 thyself also G2532 walkest orderly, G4748 and keepest G5442 the G3588 law.G3551

Hec 21:25 ( G1161) As touching G4012 the G3588 Gentiles G1484 which believe, G4100 we G2249 have written G1989 and concluded G2919 that they G846 observe G5083 no G3367 such thing, G5108 save G1508 only that they keep G5442 themselves G846 from( G5037) things offered to idols, G1494 and G2532 from blood, G129 and G2532 from strangled, G4156 and G2532 from fornication.G4202

Hec 21:26 Then G5119 Paul G3972 took G3880 the G3588 men, G435 and the G3588 next G2192 day G2250 purifying G48 himself with G4862 them G846 entered G1524 into G1519 the G3588 temple, G2411 to signify G1229 the G3588 accomplishment G1604 of the G3588 days G2250 of purification, G49 until G2193 G3757 that an offering G4376 should be offered G4374 for G5228 every G1538 one G1520 of them.G846

Hec 21:27 And G1161 when G5613 the G3588 seven G2033 days G2250 were almost G3195 ended, G4931 the G3588 Jews G2453 which were of G575 Asia, G773 when they saw G2300 him G846 in G1722 the G3588 temple, G2411 stirred up G4797 all G3956 the G3588 people, G3793 and G2532 laid G1911 hands G5495 on G1909 him,G846

Hec 21:28 Crying out, G2896 Men G435 of Israel, G2475 help: G997 This G3778 is G2076 the G3588 man, G444 that teacheth G1321 all G3956 men every where G3837 against G2596 the G3588 people, G2992 and G2532 the G3588 law, G3551 and G2532 this G5127 place: G5117 and G5037 further G2089 brought G1521 Greeks G1672 also G2532 into G1519 the G3588 temple, G2411 and G2532 hath polluted G2840 this G5126 holy G40 place.G5117

Hec 21:29 (For G1063 they had G2258 seen before G4308 with G4862 him G846 in G1722 the G3588 city G4172 Trophimus G5161 an Ephesian, G2180 whom G3739 they supposed G3543 that G3754 Paul G3972 had brought G1521 into G1519 the G3588 temple.)G2411

Hec 21:30 And G5037 all G3650 the G3588 city G4172 was moved, G2795 and G2532 the G3588 people G2992 ran together: G1096 G4890 and G2532 they took G1949 Paul, G3972 and drew G1670 him G846 out G1854 of the G3588 temple: G2411 and G2532 forthwith G2112 the G3588 doors G2374 were shut.G2808

Hec 21:31 And G1161 as they went about G2212 to kill G615 him, G846 tidings G5334 came G305 unto the G3588 chief captain G5506 of the G3588 band, G4686 that G3754 all G3650 Jerusalem G2419 was in an uproar.G4797

Hec 21:32 Who G3739 immediately G1824 took G3880 soldiers G4757 and G2532 centurions, G1543 and ran down G2701 unto G1909 them: G846 and G1161 when they G3588 saw G1492 the G3588 chief captain G5506 and G2532 the G3588 soldiers, G4757 they left G3973 beating G5180 of Paul.G3972

Hec 21:33 Then G5119 the G3588 chief captain G5506 came near, G1448 and took G1949 him, G846 and G2532 commanded G2753 him to be bound G1210 with two G1417 chains; G254 and G2532 demanded G4441 who G5101 he was, G1498 G302 and G2532 what G5101 he had G2076 done.G4160

Hec 21:34 And G1161 some cried one thing, some another, G243 G994 G243 G5100 among G1722 the G3588 multitude: G3793 and G1161 when he could G1410 not G3361 know G1097 the G3588 certainty G804 for G1223 the G3588 tumult, G2351 he commanded G2753 him G846 to be carried G71 into G1519 the G3588 castle.G3925

Hec 21:35 And G1161 when G3753 he came G1096 upon G1909 the G3588 stairs, G304 so it was, G4819 that he G846 was borne G941 of G5259 the G3588 soldiers G4757 for G1223 the G3588 violence G970 of the G3588 people.G3793

Hec 21:36 For G1063 the G3588 multitude G4128 of the G3588 people G2992 followed after, G190 crying, G2896 Away G142 with him.G846

Hec 21:37 And G5037 as Paul G3972 was( G3195) to be led G1521 into G1519 the G3588 castle, G3925 he said G3004 unto the G3588 chief captain, G5506 ( G1487) May G1832 I G3427 speak G2036 unto G4314 thee?G4571( G1161) Who G3588 said, G5346 Canst thou speak Greek? G1097 G1676

Hec 21:38 Art G1488 not G3756 thou G4771 that( G686) Egyptian, G124 which before G4253 these G5130 days G2250 madest an uproar, G387 and G2532 leddest out G1806 into G1519 the G3588 wilderness G2048 four thousand G5070 men G435 that were murderers?G4607

Hec 21:39 But G1161 Paul G3972 said, G2036 I G1473 am G1510 a man G444 which( G3303) am a Jew G2453 of Tarsus, G5018 a city in Cilicia, G2791 a citizen G4177 of no G3756 mean G767 city: G4172 and, G1161 I beseech G1189 thee, G4675 suffer G2010 me G3427 to speak G2980 unto G4314 the G3588 people.G2992

Hec 21:40 And G1161 when he G846 had given him licence, G2010 Paul G3972 stood G2476 on G1909 the G3588 stairs, G304 and beckoned G2678 with the G3588 hand G5495 unto the G3588 people. G2992 And G1161 when there was made G1096 a great G4183 silence, G4602 he spake unto G4377 them in the G3588 Hebrew G1446 tongue, G1258 saying,G3004

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