Hechos  Capitulo 6 - King James with Numbers Strong

Hec 6:1 And G1161 in G1722 those G5025 days, G2250 when the number of the G3588 disciples G3101 was multiplied, G4129 there arose G1096 a murmuring G1112 of the G3588 Grecians G1675 against G4314 the G3588 Hebrews, G1445 because G3754 their G846 widows G5503 were neglected G3865 in G1722 the G3588 daily G2522 ministration.G1248

Hec 6:2 Then G1161 the G3588 twelve G1427 called G4341 the G3588 multitude G4128 of the G3588 disciples G3101 unto them, and said, G2036 It is G2076 not G3756 reason G701 that we G2248 should leave G2641 the G3588 word G3056 of God, G2316 and serve G1247 tables.G5132

Hec 6:3 Wherefore, G3767 brethren, G80 look ye out G1980 among G1537 you G5216 seven G2033 men G435 of honest report, G3140 full G4134 of the Holy G40 Ghost G4151 and G2532 wisdom, G4678 whom G3739 we may appoint G2525 over G1909 this G5026 business.G5532

Hec 6:4 But G1161 we G2249 will give ourselves continually G4342 to prayer, G4335 and G2532 to the G3588 ministry G1248 of the G3588 word.G3056

Hec 6:5 And G2532 the G3588 saying G3056 pleased G700 the( G1799) whole G3956 multitude: G4128 and G2532 they chose G1586 Stephen, G4736 a man G435 full G4134 of faith G4102 and G2532 of the Holy G40 Ghost, G4151 and G2532 Philip, G5376 and G2532 Prochorus, G4402 and G2532 Nicanor, G3527 and G2532 Timon, G5096 and G2532 Parmenas, G3937 and G2532 Nicolas G3532 a proselyte G4339 of Antioch:G491

Hec 6:6 Whom G3739 they set G2476 before G1799 the G3588 apostles: G652 and G2532 when they had prayed, G4336 they laid their hands on G2007 G5495 them.G846

Hec 6:7 And G2532 the G3588 word G3056 of God G2316 increased; G837 and G2532 the G3588 number G706 of the G3588 disciples G3101 multiplied G4129 in G1722 Jerusalem G2419 greatly; G4970 and G5037 a great G4183 company G3793 of the G3588 priests G2409 were obedient G5219 to the G3588 faith.G4102

Hec 6:8 And G1161 Stephen, G4736 full G4134 of faith G4102 and G2532 power, G1411 did G4160 great G3173 wonders G5059 and G2532 miracles G4592 among G1722 the G3588 people.G2992

Hec 6:9 Then G1161 there arose G450 certain G5100 of G1537 the G3588 synagogue, G4864 which is called G3004 the synagogue of the Libertines, G3032 and G2532 Cyrenians, G2956 and G2532 Alexandrians, G221 and G2532 of them G3588 of G575 Cilicia G2791 and G2532 of Asia, G773 disputing with G4802 Stephen.G4736

Hec 6:10 And G2532 they were not able G2480 G3756 to resist G436 the G3588 wisdom G4678 and G2532 the G3588 spirit G4151 by which G3739 he spake.G2980

Hec 6:11 Then G5119 they suborned G5260 men, G435 which said, G3004 We have heard G191 him G846 speak G2980 blasphemous G989 words G4487 against G1519 Moses, G3475 and G2532 against God.G2316

Hec 6:12 And G5037 they stirred up G4787 the G3588 people, G2992 and G2532 the G3588 elders, G4245 and G2532 the G3588 scribes, G1122 and G2532 came upon G2186 him, and caught G4884 him, G846 and G2532 brought G71 him to G1519 the G3588 council,G4892

Hec 6:13 And G5037 set up G2476 false G5571 witnesses, G3144 which said, G3004 This G3778 man G444 ceaseth G3973 not G3756 to speak G2980 blasphemous G989 words G4487 against G2596 this G5127 holy G40 place, G5117 and G2532 the G3588 law:G3551

Hec 6:14 For G1063 we have heard G191 him G846 say, G3004 that G3754 this G3778 Jesus G2424 of Nazareth G3480 shall destroy G2647 this G5126 place, G5117 and G2532 shall change G236 the G3588 customs G1485 which G3739 Moses G3475 delivered G3860 us.G2254

Hec 6:15 And G2532 all G537 that sat G2516 in G1722 the G3588 council, G4892 looking stedfastly G816 on G1519 him, G846 saw G1492 his G846 face G4383 as it had been G5616 the face G4383 of an angel.G32

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