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Jua 13:1 Now G1161 before G4253 the G3588 feast G1859 of the G3588 passover, G3957 when Jesus G2424 knew G1492 that G3754 his G846 hour G5610 was come G2064 that G2443 he should depart G3327 out of G1537 this G5127 world G2889 unto G4314 the G3588 Father, G3962 having loved G25 his own G2398 which G3588 were in G1722 the G3588 world, G2889 he loved G25 them G846 unto G1519 the end.G5056

Jua 13:2 And G2532 supper G1173 being ended, G1096 the G3588 devil G1228 having now G2235 put G906 into G1519 the G3588 heart G2588 of Judas G2455 Iscariot, G2469 Simon's G4613 son, to G2443 betray G3860 him;G846

Jua 13:3 Jesus G2424 knowing G1492 that G3754 the G3588 Father G3962 had given G1325 all things G3956 into G1519 his G846 hands, G5495 and G2532 that G3754 he was come G1831 from G575 God, G2316 and G2532 went G5217 to G4314 God;G2316

Jua 13:4 He riseth G1453 from G1537 supper, G1173 and G2532 laid aside G5087 his garments; G2440 and G2532 took G2983 a towel, G3012 and girded G1241 himself.G1438

Jua 13:5 After that G1534 he poureth G906 water G5204 into G1519 a bason, G3537 and G2532 began G756 to wash G3538 the G3588 disciples' G3101 feet, G4228 and G2532 to wipe G1591 them with the G3588 towel G3012 wherewith G3739 he was G2258 girded.G1241

Jua 13:6 Then G3767 cometh G2064 he to G4314 Simon G4613 Peter: G4074 and G2532 Peter G1565 saith G3004 unto him, G846 Lord, G2962 dost thou G4771 wash G3538 my G3450 feet?G4228

Jua 13:7 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and G2532 said G2036 unto him, G846 What G3739 I G1473 do G4160 thou G4771 knowest G1492 not G3756 now; G737 but G1161 thou shalt know G1097 hereafter. G3326 G5023

Jua 13:8 Peter G4074 saith G3004 unto him, G846 Thou shalt never G3364 G1519 G165 wash G3538 my G3450 feet. G4228 Jesus G2424 answered G611 him, G846 If G3362 I wash G3538 thee G4571 not, G3756 thou hast G2192 no G3756 part G3313 with G3326 me.G1700

Jua 13:9 Simon G4613 Peter G4074 saith G3004 unto him, G846 Lord, G2962 not G3361 my G3450 feet G4228 only, G3440 but G235 also G2532 my hands G5495 and G2532 my head.G2776

Jua 13:10 Jesus G2424 saith G3004 to him, G846 He that is washed G3068 needeth G2192 G5532 not G3756 save G2228 to wash G3538 his feet, G4228 but G235 is G2076 clean G2513 every whit: G3650 and G2532 ye G5210 are G2075 clean, G2513 but G235 not G3780 all.G3956

Jua 13:11 For G1063 he knew G1492 who should betray G3860 him; G846 therefore G1223 G5124 said G2036 he, Ye are G2075 not G3780 all G3956 clean.G2513

Jua 13:12 So G3767 after G3753 he had washed G3538 their G846 feet, G4228 and G2532 had taken G2983 his G848 garments, G2440 and was set down G377 again, G3825 he said G2036 unto them, G846 Know G1097 ye what G5101 I have done G4160 to you?G5213

Jua 13:14 If G1487 I G1473 then, G3767 your Lord G2962 and G2532 Master, G1320 have washed G3538 your G5216 feet; G4228 ye G5210 also G2532 ought G3784 to wash G3538 one another's G240 feet.G4228

Jua 13:15 For G1063 I have given G1325 you G5213 an example, G5262 that G2443 ye G5210 should( G2532) do G4160 as G2531 I G1473 have done G4160 to you.G5213

Jua 13:16 Verily, G281 verily, G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 The servant G1401 is G2076 not G3756 greater G3187 than his G848 lord; G2962 neither G3761 he that is sent G652 greater G3187 than he that sent G3992 him.G846

Jua 13:17 If G1487 ye know G1492 these things, G5023 happy G3107 are G2075 ye if G1437 ye do G4160 them.G846

Jua 13:18 I speak G3004 not G3756 of G4012 you G5216 all: G3956 I G1473 know G1492 whom G3739 I have chosen: G1586 but G235 that G2443 the G3588 scripture G1124 may be fulfilled, G4137 He that eateth G5176 bread G740 with G3326 me G1700 hath lifted up G1869 his G848 heel G4418 against G1909 me.G1691

Jua 13:19 Now G575 G737 I tell G3004 you G5213 before G4253 it come, G1096 that, G2443 when G3752 it is come to pass, G1096 ye may believe G4100 that G3754 I G1473 am G1510 he.

Jua 13:20 Verily, G281 verily, G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 He that receiveth G2983 whomsoever G5100 G1437 I send G3992 receiveth G2983 me; G1691 and G1161 he that receiveth G2983 me G1691 receiveth G2983 him that sent G3992 me.G3165

Jua 13:21 When Jesus G2424 had thus G5023 said, G2036 he was troubled G5015 in spirit, G4151 and G2532 testified, G3140 and G2532 said, G2036 Verily, G281 verily, G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 that G3754 one G1520 of G1537 you G5216 shall betray G3860 me.G3165

Jua 13:22 Then G3767 the G3588 disciples G3101 looked G991 one on another, G240 G1519 doubting G639 of G4012 whom G5101 he spake.G3004

Jua 13:23 Now G1161 there was G2258 leaning G345 on G1722 Jesus' G2424 bosom G2859 one G1520 of G1537 his G846 disciples, G3101 whom G3739 Jesus G2424 loved.G25

Jua 13:24 Simon G4613 Peter G4074 therefore G3767 beckoned G3506 to him, G5129 that he should ask G4441 who G5101 it should be G1498 G302 of G4012 whom G3739 he spake.G3004

Jua 13:26 Jesus G2424 answered, G611 He G1565 it is, G2076 to whom G3739 I G1473 shall give G1929 a sop, G5596 when I have dipped G911 it. And G2532 when he had dipped G1686 the G3588 sop, G5596 he gave G1325 it to Judas G2455 Iscariot, G2469 the son of Simon.G4613

Jua 13:27 And G2532 after G3326 the G3588 sop G5596 Satan G4567 entered G1525 into G1519 him. G1565 Then G3767 said G3004 Jesus G2424 unto him, G846 That G3739 thou doest, G4160 do G4160 quickly.G5032

Jua 13:28 Now G1161 no man G3762 at the table G345 knew G1097 for G4314 what intent G5101 he spake G2036 this G5124 unto him.G846

Jua 13:29 For G1063 some G5100 of them thought, G1380 because G1893 Judas G2455 had G2192 the G3588 bag, G1101 that G3754 Jesus G2424 had said G3004 unto him, G846 Buy G59 those things that G3739 we have G2192 need G5532 of against G1519 the G3588 feast; G1859 or, G2228 that G2443 he should give G1325 something G5100 to the G3588 poor.G4434

Jua 13:30 He G1565 then G3767 having received G2983 the G3588 sop G5596 went immediately out: G1831 G2112 and G1161 it was G2258 night.G3571

Jua 13:31 Therefore, G3753 when he was gone out, G1831 Jesus G2424 said, G3004 Now G3568 is the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 glorified, G1392 and G2532 God G2316 is glorified G1392 in G1722 him.G846

Jua 13:32 If G1487 God G2316 be glorified G1392 in G1722 him, G846 God G2316 shall also G2532 glorify G1392 him G846 in G1722 himself, G1438 and G2532 shall straightway G2117 glorify G1392 him.G846

Jua 13:34 A new G2537 commandment G1785 I give G1325 unto you, G5213 That G2443 ye love G25 one another; G240 as G2531 I have loved G25 you, G5209 that G2443 ye G5210 also G2532 love G25 one another.G240

Jua 13:35 By G1722 this G5129 shall all G3956 men know G1097 that G3754 ye are G2075 my G1698 disciples, G3101 if G1437 ye have G2192 love G26 one to another. G240 G1722

Jua 13:36 Simon G4613 Peter G4074 said G3004 unto him, G846 Lord, G2962 whither G4226 goest G5217 thou? Jesus G2424 answered G611 him, G846 Whither G3699 I go, G5217 thou canst G1410 not G3756 follow G190 me G3427 now; G3568 but G1161 thou shalt follow G190 me G3427 afterwards.G5305

Jua 13:37 Peter G4074 said G3004 unto him, G846 Lord, G2962 why G1302 cannot G1410 G3756 I follow G190 thee G4671 now? G737 I will lay down G5087 my G3450 life G5590 for thy sake. G5228 G4675

Jua 13:38 Jesus G2424 answered G611 him, G846 Wilt thou lay down G5087 thy G4675 life G5590 for my sake? G5228 G1700 Verily, G281 verily, G281 I say G3004 unto thee, G4671 The cock G220 shall not G3364 crow, G5455 till G2193 G3757 thou hast denied G533 me G3165 thrice.G5151

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