Lucas  Capitulo 22 - King James with Numbers Strong

Luc 22:1 Now G1161 the G3588 feast G1859 of unleavened bread G106 drew nigh, G1448 which is called G3004 the Passover.G3957

Luc 22:2 And G2532 the G3588 chief priests G749 and G2532 scribes G1122 sought G2212 how G4459 they might kill G337 him; G846 for G1063 they feared G5399 the G3588 people.G2992

Luc 22:3 Then G1161 entered G1525 Satan G4567 into G1519 Judas G2455 surnamed G1941 Iscariot, G2469 being G5607 of G1537 the G3588 number G706 of the G3588 twelve.G1427

Luc 22:4 And G2532 he went his way, G565 and communed with G4814 the G3588 chief priests G749 and G2532 captains, G4755 how G4459 he might betray G3860 him G846 unto them.G846

Luc 22:5 And G2532 they were glad, G5463 and G2532 covenanted G4934 to give G1325 him G846 money.G694

Luc 22:6 And G2532 he promised, G1843 and G2532 sought G2212 opportunity G2120 to betray G3860 him G846 unto them G846 in the absence of G817 the multitude.G3793

Luc 22:7 Then G1161 came G2064 the G3588 day G2250 of unleavened bread, G106 when G1722 G3739 the G3588 passover G3957 must G1163 be killed.G2380

Luc 22:8 And G2532 he sent G649 Peter G4074 and G2532 John, G2491 saying, G2036 Go G4198 and prepare G2090 us G2254 the G3588 passover, G3957 that G2443 we may eat.G5315

Luc 22:9 And G1161 they G3588 said G2036 unto him, G846 Where G4226 wilt G2309 thou that we prepare?G2090

Luc 22:10 And G1161 he G3588 said G2036 unto them, G846 Behold, G2400 when ye G5216 are entered G1525 into G1519 the G3588 city, G4172 there shall a man G444 meet G4876 you, G5213 bearing G941 a pitcher G2765 of water; G5204 follow G190 him G846 into G1519 the G3588 house G3614 where G3757 he entereth in.G1531

Luc 22:11 And G2532 ye shall say G2046 unto the G3588 goodman G3617 of the G3588 house, G3614 The G3588 Master G1320 saith G3004 unto thee, G4671 Where G4226 is G2076 the G3588 guestchamber, G2646 where G3699 I shall eat G5315 the G3588 passover G3957 with G3326 my G3450 disciples?G3101

Luc 22:12 And he G2548 shall shew G1166 you G5213 a large G3173 upper room G508 furnished: G4766 there G1563 make ready.G2090

Luc 22:13 And G1161 they went, G565 and found G2147 as G2531 he had said G2046 unto them: G846 and G2532 they made ready G2090 the G3588 passover.G3957

Luc 22:14 And G2532 when G3753 the G3588 hour G5610 was come, G1096 he sat down, G377 and G2532 the G3588 twelve G1427 apostles G652 with G4862 him.G846

Luc 22:15 And G2532 he said G2036 unto G4314 them, G846 With desire G1939 I have desired G1937 to eat G5315 this G5124 passover G3957 with G3326 you G5216 before G4253 I G3165 suffer:G3958

Luc 22:16 For G1063 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 I will( G3754) not G3364 any more G3765 eat G5315 thereof, G1537 G846 until G2193 G3755 it be fulfilled G4137 in G1722 the G3588 kingdom G932 of God.G2316

Luc 22:17 And G2532 he took G1209 the cup, G4221 and gave thanks, G2168 and said, G2036 Take G2983 this, G5124 and G2532 divide G1266 it among yourselves:G1438

Luc 22:18 For G1063 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 I will( G3754) not G3364 drink G4095 of G575 the G3588 fruit G1081 of the G3588 vine, G288 until G2193 G3755 the G3588 kingdom G932 of God G2316 shall come.G2064

Luc 22:19 And G2532 he took G2983 bread, G740 and gave thanks, G2168 and brake G2806 it, and G2532 gave G1325 unto them, G846 saying, G3004 This G5124 is G2076 my G3450 body G4983 which is given G1325 for G5228 you: G5216 this G5124 do G4160 in G1519 remembrance G364 of me.G1699

Luc 22:20 Likewise G5615 also G2532 the G3588 cup G4221 after supper, G1172 saying, G3004 This G5124 cup is G4221 the G3588 new G2537 testament G1242 in G1722 my G3450 blood, G129 which is shed G1632 for G5228 you.G5216

Luc 22:21 But, G4133 behold, G2400 the G3588 hand G5495 of him that betrayeth G3860 me G3165 is with G3326 me G1700 on G1909 the G3588 table.G5132

Luc 22:22 And G2532 truly G3303 the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 goeth, G4198 as G2596 it was determined: G3724 but G4133 woe G3759 unto that G1565 man G444 by G1223 whom G3739 he is betrayed!G3860

Luc 22:23 And G2532 they G846 began G756 to enquire G4802 among G4314 themselves, G1438 whichG5101( G686) of G1537 them G846 it was G1498 that should G3195 do G4238 this thing.G5124

Luc 22:24 And G1161 there was G1096 also G2532 a strife G5379 among G1722 them, G846 which G5101 of them G846 should be accounted G1380 the( G1511) greatest.G3187

Luc 22:25 And G1161 he G3588 said G2036 unto them, G846 The G3588 kings G935 of the G3588 Gentiles G1484 exercise lordship over G2961 them; G846 and G2532 they that exercise authority upon G1850 them G846 are called G2564 benefactors.G2110

Luc 22:26 But G1161 ye G5210 shall not G3756 be so: G3779 but G235 he that is greatest G3187 among G1722 you, G5213 let him be G1096 as G5613 the G3588 younger; G3501 and G2532 he that is chief, G2233 as G5613 he that doth serve.G1247

Luc 22:27 For G1063 whether G5101 is greater, G3187 he that sitteth at meat, G345 or G2228 he that serveth? G1247 is not G3780 he that sitteth at meat? G345 but G1161 I G1473 am G1510 among G1722 G3319 you G5216 as G5613 he that serveth.G1247

Luc 22:28 ( G1161) Ye G5210 are G2075 they which have continued G1265 with G3326 me G1700 in G1722 my G3450 temptations.G3986

Luc 22:29 And I G2504 appoint G1303 unto you G5213 a kingdom, G932 as G2531 my G3450 Father G3962 hath appointed G1303 unto me;G3427

Luc 22:30 That G2443 ye may eat G2068 and G2532 drink G4095 at G1909 my G3450 table G5132 in G1722 my G3450 kingdom, G932 and G2532 sit G2523 on G1909 thrones G2362 judging G2919 the G3588 twelve G1427 tribes G5443 of Israel.G2474

Luc 22:31 And G1161 the G3588 Lord G2962 said, G2036 Simon, G4613 Simon, G4613 behold, G2400 Satan G4567 hath desired G1809 to have you, G5209 that he may sift G4617 you as G5613 wheat:G4621

Luc 22:32 But G1161 I G1473 have prayed G1189 for G4012 thee, G4675 that G2443 thy G4675 faith G4102 fail G1587 not: G3361 and G2532 when G4218 thou G4771 art converted, G1994 strengthen G4741 thy G4675 brethren.G80

Luc 22:34 And G1161 he G3588 said, G2036 I tell G3004 thee, G4671 Peter, G4074 the cock G220 shall not G3364 crow G5455 this day, G4594 before G4250 that( G2228) thou shalt thrice G5151 deny G533 that thou( G3361) knowest G1492 me.G3165

Luc 22:35 And G2532 he said G2036 unto them, G846 When G3753 I sent G649 you G5209 without G817 purse, G905 and G2532 scrip, G4082 and G2532 shoes,G5266( G3361) lacked G5302 ye any thing? G5100 And G1161 they G3588 said, G2036 Nothing.G3762

Luc 22:36 Then G3767 said G2036 he unto them, G846 But G235 now, G3568 he that hath G2192 a purse, G905 let him take G142 it, and G2532 likewise G3668 his( G2532) scrip: G4082 and G2532 he that hath G2192 no G3361 sword, let him sell G4453 his G848 garment, G2440 and G2532 buy G59 one.( G3162)

Luc 22:37 For G1063 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 that G3754 this G5124 that is written G1125 must G1163 yet G2089 be accomplished G5055 in G1722 me, G1698 And G2532 he was reckoned G3049 among G3326 the transgressors: G459 forG1063( G2532) the things G3588 concerning G4012 me G1700 have G2192 an end.G5056

Luc 22:38 And G1161 they G3588 said, G2036 Lord, G2962 behold, G2400 here G5602 are two G1417 swords. G3162 And G1161 he G3588 said G2036 unto them, G846 It is G2076 enough.G2425

Luc 22:39 And G2532 he came out, G1831 and went, G4198 as he was wont, G2596 G1485 to G1519 the G3588 mount G3735 of Olives; G1636 and G1161 his G846 disciples G3101 also G2532 followed G190 him.G846

Luc 22:40 And G1161 when he was G1096 at G1909 the G3588 place, G5117 he said G2036 unto them, G846 Pray G4336 that ye enter G1525 not G3361 into G1519 temptation.G3986

Luc 22:41 And G2532 he G846 was withdrawn G645 from G575 them G846 about G5616 a stone's G3037 cast, G1000 and G2532 kneeled down, G5087 G1119 and prayed,G4336

Luc 22:42 Saying, G3004 Father, G3962 if G1487 thou be willing, G1014 remove G3911 this G5124 cup G4221 from G575 me: G1700 nevertheless G4133 not G3361 my G3450 will, G2307 but G235 thine, G4674 be done.G1096

Luc 22:43 And G1161 there appeared G3700 an angel G32 unto him G846 from G575 heaven, G3772 strengthening G1765 him.G846

Luc 22:44 And G2532 being G1096 in G1722 an agony G74 he prayed G4336 more earnestly: G1617 and G1161 his G846 sweat G2402 was G1096 as it were G5616 great drops G2361 of blood G129 falling down G2597 to G1909 the G3588 ground.G1093

Luc 22:45 And G2532 when he rose up G450 from G575 prayer, G4335 and was come G2064 to G4314 his disciples, G3101 he found G2147 them G846 sleeping G2837 for G575 sorrow,G3077

Luc 22:46 And G2532 said G2036 unto them, G846 Why G5101 sleep G2518 ye? rise G450 and pray, G4336 lest G3363 ye enter G1525 into G1519 temptation.G3986

Luc 22:47 And G1161 while he G846 yet G2089 spake, G2980 behold G2400 a multitude, G3793 and G2532 he that was called G3004 Judas, G2455 one G1520 of the G3588 twelve, G1427 went before G4281 them, G846 and G2532 drew near G1448 unto Jesus G2424 to kiss G5368 him.G846

Luc 22:48 But G1161 Jesus G2424 said G2036 unto him, G846 Judas, G2455 betrayest G3860 thou the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 with a kiss?G5370

Luc 22:49 When G1161 they G3588 which were about G4012 him G846 saw G1492 what would follow, G2071 they said G2036 unto him, G846 Lord, G2962 shall we( G1487) smite G3960 with G1722 the sword?G3162

Luc 22:50 And G2532 ( G5100) one G1520 of G1537 them G846 smote G3960 the G3588 servant G1401 of the G3588 high priest, G749 and G2532 cut off G851 his G846 right G1188 ear.G3775

Luc 22:51 And G1161 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said, G2036 Suffer G1439 ye thus far. G2193 G5127 And G2532 he touched G680 his G846 ear, G5621 and healed G2390 him.G846

Luc 22:52 Then G1161 Jesus G2424 said G2036 unto G4314 the chief priests, G749 and G2532 captains G4755 of the G3588 temple, G2411 and G2532 the elders, G4245 which were come G3854 to G1909 him, G846 Be ye come out, G1831 as G5613 against G1909 a thief, G3027 with G3326 swords G3162 and G2532 staves?G3586

Luc 22:54 Then G1161 took G4815 they him, G846 and led G71 him, and G2532 brought G1521 him G846 into G1519 the G3588 high priest's G749 house. G3624 And G1161 Peter G4074 followed G190 afar off.G3113

Luc 22:55 And G1161 when they G846 had kindled G681 a fire G4442 in G1722 the midst G3319 of the G3588 hall, G833 and G2532 were set down together, G4776 Peter G4074 sat down G2521 among G1722 G3319 them.G846

Luc 22:56 But G1161 a certain G5100 maid G3814 beheld G1492 him G846 as he sat G2521 by G4314 the G3588 fire, G5457 and G2532 earnestly looked G816 upon him, G846 and said, G2036 This man G3778 was G2258 also G2532 with G4862 him.G846

Luc 22:57 And G1161 he G3588 denied G720 him, G846 saying, G3004 Woman, G1135 I know G1492 him G846 not.G3756

Luc 22:58 And G2532 after G3326 a little while G1024 another G2087 saw G1492 him, G846 and said, G5346 Thou G4771 art G1488 also G2532 of G1537 them. G846 And G1161 Peter G4074 said, G2036 Man, G444 I am G1510 not.G3756

Luc 22:59 And G2532 about G5616 the space of one hour after G1339 G3391 G5610 another G243 confidently affirmed, G1340 saying, G3004 Of a truth G1909 G225 this G3778 fellow also G2532 was G2258 with G3326 him: G846 for G1063 he is G2076 a( G2532) Galilaean.G1057

Luc 22:60 And G1161 Peter G4074 said, G2036 Man, G444 I know G1492 not G3756 what G3739 thou sayest. G3004 And G2532 immediately, G3916 while he G846 yet G2089 spake, G2980 the G3588 cock G220 crew.G5455

Luc 22:61 And G2532 the G3588 Lord G2962 turned, G4762 and looked upon G1689 Peter. G4074 And G2532 Peter G4074 remembered G5279 the G3588 word G3056 of the G3588 Lord, G2962 how G5613 he had said G2036 unto him, G846 Before G4250 the cock G220 crow, G5455 thou shalt deny G533 me G3165 thrice.G5151

Luc 22:62 And G2532 Peter G4074 went G1831 out, G1854 and wept G2799 bitterly.G4090

Luc 22:63 And G2532 the G3588 men G435 that held G4912 Jesus G2424 mocked G1702 him, G846 and smote G1194 him.

Luc 22:64 And G2532 when they had blindfolded G4028 him, G846 they struck G5180 him G846 on the G3588 face, G4383 and G2532 asked G1905 him, G846 saying, G3004 Prophesy, G4395 who G5101 is G2076 it that smote G3817 thee?G4571

Luc 22:65 And G2532 many G4183 other things G2087 blasphemously G987 spake G3004 they against G1519 him.G846

Luc 22:66 And G2532 as soon as G5613 it was G1096 day, G2250 the G3588 elders G4244 of the G3588 people G2992 and G5037 the chief priests G749 and G2532 the scribes G1122 came together, G4863 and G2532 led G321 him G846 into G1519 their G1438 council, G4892 saying,G3004

Luc 22:67 ( G1161) Art G1488 thou G4771 the G3588 Christ? G5547 tell G2036 us. G2254 And G1161 he said G2036 unto them, G846 If G1437 I tell G2036 you, G5213 ye will not G3364 believe:G4100

Luc 22:68 And G1161 if G1437 I also G2532 ask G2065 you, ye will not G3364 answer G611 me, G3427 nor G2228 let me go.G630

Luc 22:69 Hereafter G575 G3568 shall( G2071) the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 sit G2521 on G1537 the right hand G1188 of the G3588 power G1411 of God.G2316

Luc 22:71 And G1161 they G3588 said, G2036 What G5101 need G2192 G5532 we any further G2089 witness? G3141 for G1063 we ourselves G846 have heard G191 of G575 his own G846 mouth.G4750

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