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Mat 4:1 Then G5119 was Jesus G2424 led up G321 of G5259 the G3588 Spirit G4151 into G1519 the G3588 wilderness G2048 to be tempted G3985 of G5259 the G3588 devil.G1228

Mat 4:2 And G2532 when he had fasted G3522 forty G5062 days G2250 and G2532 forty G5062 nights, G3571 he was afterward an hungred. G3983 G5305

Mat 4:3 And G2532 when the G3588 tempter G3985 came G4334 to him, G846 he said, G2036 If G1487 thou be G1488 the Son of G5207 God, G2316 command G2036 that G2443 these G3778 stones G3037 be made G1096 bread.G740

Mat 4:4 But G1161 he G3588 answered G611 and said, G2036 It is written, G1125 Man G444 shall not G3756 live G2198 by G1909 bread G740 alone, G3441 but G235 by G1909 every G3956 word G4487 that proceedeth G1607 out of G1223 the mouth G4750 of God.G2316

Mat 4:5 Then G5119 the G3588 devil G1228 taketh him up G3880 G846 into G1519 the G3588 holy G40 city, G4172 and G2532 setteth G2476 him G846 on G1909 a pinnacle G4419 of the G3588 temple,G2411

Mat 4:6 And G2532 saith G3004 unto him, G846 If G1487 thou be G1488 the Son G5207 of God, G2316 cast G906 thyself G4572 down: G2736 for G1063 it is written, G1125 He shall give his angels charge G1781 G848 G32 concerning G4012 thee: G4675 and G2532 in G1909 their hands G5495 they shall bear thee up, G142 G4571 lest at any time G3379 thou dash G4350 thy G4675 foot G4228 against G4314 a stone.G3037

Mat 4:7 Jesus G2424 said G5346 unto him, G846 It is written G1125 again, G3825 Thou shalt not G3756 tempt G1598 the Lord G2962 thy G4675 God.G2316

Mat 4:8 Again, G3825 the G3588 devil G1228 taketh him up G3880 G846 into G1519 an exceeding G3029 high G5308 mountain, G3735 and G2532 sheweth G1166 him G846 all G3956 the G3588 kingdoms G932 of the G3588 world, G2889 and G2532 the G3588 glory G1391 of them;G846

Mat 4:9 And G2532 saith G3004 unto him, G846 All G3956 these things G5023 will I give G1325 thee, G4671 if G1437 thou wilt fall down G4098 and worship G4352 me.G3427

Mat 4:10 Then G5119 saith G3004 Jesus G2424 unto him, G846 Get thee hence, G5217 Satan: G4567 for G1063 it is written, G1125 Thou shalt worship G4352 the Lord G2962 thy G4675 God, G2316 and G2532 him G846 only G3441 shalt thou serve.G3000

Mat 4:11 Then G5119 the G3588 devil G1228 leaveth G863 him, G846 and, G2532 behold, G2400 angels G32 came G4334 and G2532 ministered G1247 unto him.G846

Mat 4:12 Now G1161 when Jesus G2424 had heard G191 that G3754 John G2491 was cast into prison, G3860 he departed G402 into G1519 Galilee;G1056

Mat 4:13 And G2532 leaving G2641 Nazareth, G3478 he came G2064 and dwelt G2730 in G1519 Capernaum, G2584 which is upon the sea coast, G3864 in G1722 the borders G3725 of Zabulon G2194 and G2532 Nephthalim:G3508

Mat 4:14 That G2443 it might be fulfilled G4137 which G3588 was spoken G4483 by G1223 Esaias G2268 the G3588 prophet, G4396 saying,G3004

Mat 4:15 The land G1093 of Zabulon, G2194 and G2532 the land G1093 of Nephthalim, G3508 by the way G3598 of the sea, G2281 beyond G4008 Jordan, G2446 Galilee G1056 of the G3588 Gentiles;G1484

Mat 4:16 The G3588 people G2992 which G3588 sat G2521 in G1722 darkness G4655 saw G1492 great G3173 light; G5457 and G2532 to them which sat G2521 in G1722 the region G5561 and G2532 shadow G4639 of death G2288 light G5457 is sprung up.G393

Mat 4:17 From G575 that time G5119 Jesus G2424 began G756 to preach, G2784 and G2532 to say, G3004 Repent: G3340 for G1063 the G3588 kingdom G932 of heaven G3772 is at hand.G1448

Mat 4:18 And G1161 Jesus, G2424 walking G4043 by G3844 the G3588 sea G2281 of Galilee, G1056 saw G1492 two G1417 brethren, G80 Simon G4613 called G3004 Peter, G4074 and G2532 Andrew G406 his G846 brother, G80 casting G906 a net G293 into G1519 the G3588 sea: G2281 for G1063 they were G2258 fishers.G231

Mat 4:19 And G2532 he saith G3004 unto them, G846 Follow G1205 G3694 me, G3450 and G2532 I will make G4160 you G5209 fishers G231 of men.G444

Mat 4:20 And G1161 they G3588 straightway G2112 left G863 their nets, G1350 and followed G190 him.G846

Mat 4:21 And G2532 going on G4260 from thence, G1564 he saw G1492 other G243 two G1417 brethren, G80 James G2385 the G3588 son of Zebedee, G2199 and G2532 John G2491 his G846 brother, G80 in G1722 a ship G4143 with G3326 Zebedee G2199 their G846 father, G3962 mending G2675 their G848 nets; G1350 and G2532 he called G2564 them.G846

Mat 4:22 And G1161 they immediately left G863 G2112 the G3588 ship G4143 and G2532 their G848 father, G3962 and G2532 followed G190 him.G846

Mat 4:23 And G2532 Jesus G2424 went about G4013 all G3650 Galilee, G1056 teaching G1321 in G1722 their G846 synagogues, G4864 and G2532 preaching G2784 the G3588 gospel G2098 of the G3588 kingdom, G932 and G2532 healing G2323 all manner G3956 of sickness G3554 and G2532 all manner G3956 of disease G3119 among G1722 the G3588 people.G2992

Mat 4:24 And G2532 his G846 fame G189 went G565 throughout G1519 all G3650 Syria: G4947 and G2532 they brought G4374 unto him G846 all G3956 sick people G2192 G2560 that were taken G4912 with divers G4164 diseases G3554 and G2532 torments, G931 and G2532 those which were possessed with devils, G1139 and G2532 those which were lunatick, G4583 and G2532 those that had the palsy; G3885 and G2532 he healed G2323 them.G846

Mat 4:25 And G2532 there followed G190 him G846 great G4183 multitudes of people G3793 from G575 Galilee, G1056 and G2532 from Decapolis, G1179 and G2532 from Jerusalem, G2414 and G2532 from Judaea, G2449 and G2532 from beyond G4008 Jordan.G2446

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