Proverbios  Capitulo 13 - King James with Numbers Strong

Pro 13:1 A wise H2450 son H1121 heareth his father's H1 instruction: H4148 but a scorner H3887 heareth H8085 not H3808 rebuke.H1606

Pro 13:2 A man H376 shall eat H398 good H2896 by the fruit H4480 H6529 of his mouth: H6310 but the soul H5315 of the transgressors H898 shall eat violence.H2555

Pro 13:3 He that keepeth H5341 his mouth H6310 keepeth H8104 his life: H5315 but he that openeth wide H6589 his lips H8193 shall have destruction.H4288

Pro 13:4 The soul H5315 of the sluggard H6102 desireth, H183 and hath nothing: H369 but the soul H5315 of the diligent H2742 shall be made fat.H1878

Pro 13:5 A righteous H6662 man hateth H8130 lying: H1697 H8267 but a wicked H7563 man is loathsome, H887 and cometh to shame.H2659

Pro 13:6 Righteousness H6666 keepeth H5341 him that is upright H8537 in the way: H1870 but wickedness H7564 overthroweth H5557 the sinner.H2403

Pro 13:7 There is H3426 that maketh himself rich, H6238 yet hath nothing: H369 H3605 there is that maketh himself poor, H7326 yet hath great H7227 riches.H1952

Pro 13:8 The ransom H3724 of a man's H376 life H5315 are his riches: H6239 but the poor H7326 heareth H8085 not H3808 rebuke.H1606

Pro 13:9 The light H216 of the righteous H6662 rejoiceth: H8055 but the lamp H5216 of the wicked H7563 shall be put out.H1846

Pro 13:10 Only H7535 by pride H2087 cometh H5414 contention: H4683 but with H854 the well advised H3289 is wisdom.H2451

Pro 13:11 Wealth H1952 gotten by vanity H4480 H1892 shall be diminished: H4591 but he that gathereth H6908 by H5921 labour H3027 shall increase.H7235

Pro 13:12 Hope H8431 deferred H4900 maketh the heart H3820 sick: H2470 but when the desire H8378 cometh, H935 it is a tree H6086 of life.H2416

Pro 13:13 Whoso despiseth H936 the word H1697 shall be destroyed: H2254 but he H1931 that feareth H3373 the commandment H4687 shall be rewarded.H7999

Pro 13:14 The law H8451 of the wise H2450 is a fountain H4726 of life, H2416 to depart H5493 from the snares H4480 H4170 of death.H4194

Pro 13:15 Good H2896 understanding H7922 giveth H5414 favour: H2580 but the way H1870 of transgressors H898 is hard.H386

Pro 13:16 Every H3605 prudent H6175 man dealeth H6213 with knowledge: H1847 but a fool H3684 layeth open H6566 his folly.H200

Pro 13:17 A wicked H7563 messenger H4397 falleth H5307 into mischief: H7451 but a faithful H529 ambassador H6735 is health.H4832

Pro 13:18 Poverty H7389 and shame H7036 shall be to him that refuseth H6544 instruction: H4148 but he that regardeth H8104 reproof H8433 shall be honoured.H3513

Pro 13:19 The desire H8378 accomplished H1961 is sweet H6149 to the soul: H5315 but it is abomination H8441 to fools H3684 to depart H5493 from evil. H4480 H7451

Pro 13:20 He that walketh H1980 with H854 wise H2450 men shall be wise: H2449 but a companion H7462 of fools H3684 shall be destroyed.H7321

Pro 13:21 Evil H7451 pursueth H7291 sinners: H2400 but to the righteous H6662 good H2896 shall be repayed.H7999

Pro 13:22 A good H2896 man leaveth an inheritance H5157 to his children's H1121 children: H1121 and the wealth H2428 of the sinner H2398 is laid up H6845 for the just.H6662

Pro 13:23 Much H7230 food H400 is in the tillage H5215 of the poor: H7326 but there is H3426 that is destroyed H5595 for want H3808 of judgment.H4941

Pro 13:24 He that spareth H2820 his rod H7626 hateth H8130 his son: H1121 but he that loveth H157 him chasteneth H4148 him betimes.H7836

Pro 13:25 The righteous H6662 eateth H398 to the satisfying H7648 of his soul: H5315 but the belly H990 of the wicked H7563 shall want.H2637

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