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Rom 6:1 What G5101 shall we say G2046 then? G3767 Shall we continue G1961 in sin, G266 that G2443 grace G5485 may abound?G4121

Rom 6:2 God forbid. G1096 G3361 How G4459 shall we, that G3748 are dead G599 to sin, G266 live G2198 any longer G2089 therein? G1722 G846

Rom 6:3 ( G2228) Know ye not, G50 that G3754 so many of us as G3745 were baptized G907 into G1519 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 were baptized G907 into G1519 his G848 death?G2288

Rom 6:4 Therefore G3767 we are buried G4916 with him G846 by G1223 baptism G908 into G1519 death: G2288 that G2443 like as G5618 Christ G5547 was raised up G1453 from G1537 the dead G3498 by G1223 the G3588 glory G1391 of the G3588 Father, G3962 even G2532 so G3779 we G2249 also G2532 should walk G4043 in G1722 newness G2538 of life.G2222

Rom 6:5 For G1063 if G1487 we have been G1096 planted together G4854 in the G3588 likeness G3667 of his G848 death, G2288 we shall beG2071( G235) also G2532 in the likeness of his resurrection:G386

Rom 6:6 Knowing G1097 this, G5124 that G3754 our G2257 old G3820 man G444 is crucified with G4957 him, that G2443 the G3588 body G4983 of sin G266 might be destroyed, G2673 that henceforth G3371 we G2248 should not serve G1398 sin.G266

Rom 6:7 For G1063 he that is dead G599 is freed G1344 from G575 sin.G266

Rom 6:8 Now G1161 if G1487 we be dead G599 with G4862 Christ, G5547 we believe G4100 that G3754 we shall also G2532 live with G4800 him:G846

Rom 6:9 Knowing G1492 that G3754 Christ G5547 being raised G1453 from G1537 the dead G3498 dieth G599 no more; G3765 death G2288 hath no more dominion over G2961 G3765 him.G846

Rom 6:10 For G1063 in that G3739 he died, G599 he died G599 unto sin G266 once: G2178 but G1161 in that G3739 he liveth, G2198 he liveth G2198 unto God.G2316

Rom 6:11 Likewise G3779 reckon G3049 ye G5210 also G2532 yourselves G1438 to be G1511 dead G3498 indeed G3303 unto sin, G266 but G1161 alive G2198 unto God G2316 through G1722 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 our G2257 Lord.G2962

Rom 6:12 Let not G3361 sin G266 therefore G3767 reign G936 in G1722 your G5216 mortal G2349 body, G4983 that ye should obey G5219 it G846 in G1722 the G3588 lusts G1939 thereof.G848

Rom 6:13 Neither G3366 yield G3936 ye your G5216 members G3196 as instruments G3696 of unrighteousness G93 unto sin: G266 but G235 yield G3936 yourselves G1438 unto God, G2316 as G5613 those that are alive G2198 from G1537 the dead, G3498 and G2532 your G5216 members G3196 as instruments G3696 of righteousness G1343 unto God.G2316

Rom 6:14 For G1063 sin G266 shall not G3756 have dominion over G2961 you: G5216 for G1063 ye are G2075 not G3756 under G5259 the law, G3551 but G235 under G5259 grace.G5485

Rom 6:15 What G5101 then? G3767 shall we sin, G264 because G3754 we are G2070 not G3756 under G5259 the law, G3551 but G235 under G5259 grace? G5485 God forbid. G1096 G3361

Rom 6:16 Know G1492 ye not, G3756 that G3754 to whom G3739 ye yield G3936 yourselves G1438 servants G1401 to G1519 obey, G5218 his servants G1401 ye are G2075 to whom G3739 ye obey; G5219 whether G2273 of sin G266 unto G1519 death, G2288 or G2228 of obedience G5218 unto G1519 righteousness?G1343

Rom 6:17 But G1161 God be thanked, G2316 G5485 that G3754 ye were G2258 the servants G1401 of sin, G266 but G1161 ye have obeyed G5219 from G1537 the heart G2588 that form G5179 of doctrine G1322 ( G1519) which G3739 was delivered G3860 you.

Rom 6:18 Being then( G1161) made free G1659 from G575 sin, G266 ye became the servants G1402 of righteousness.G1343

Rom 6:19 I speak G3004 after the manner of men G442 because G1223 of the G3588 infirmity G769 of your G5216 flesh: G4561 for G1063 as G5618 ye have yielded G3936 your G5216 members G3196 servants G1400 to uncleanness G167 and G2532 to iniquity G458 unto G1519 iniquity; G458 even so G3779 now G3568 yield G3936 your G5216 members G3196 servants G1400 to righteousness G1343 unto G1519 holiness.G38

Rom 6:20 For G1063 when G3753 ye were G2258 the servants G1401 of sin, G266 ye were G2258 free G1658 from righteousness.G1343

Rom 6:21 What G5101 fruitG2590( G3767) had G2192 ye then G5119 in G1909 those things whereof G3739 ye are now ashamed? G1870 G3568 for G1063 the G3588 end G5056 of those things G1565 is death.G2288

Rom 6:22 But G1161 now G3570 being made free G1659 from G575 sin, G266 and G1161 become servants G1402 to God, G2316 ye have G2192 your G5216 fruit G2590 unto G1519 holiness, G38 and G1161 the G3588 end G5056 everlasting G166 life.G2222

Rom 6:23 For G1063 the G3588 wages G3800 of sin G266 is death; G2288 but G1161 the G3588 gift G5486 of God G2316 is eternal G166 life G2222 through G1722 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547 our G2257 Lord.G2962

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