Salmos  Capitulo 121 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 121:1 A Song H7892 of degrees. H4609 I will lift up H5375 mine eyes H5869 unto H413 the hills, H2022 from whence H4480 H370 cometh H935 my help.H5828

Sal 121:2 My help H5828 cometh from H4480 H5973 the LORD, H3068 which made H6213 heaven H8064 and earth.H776

Sal 121:3 He will not H408 suffer H5414 thy foot H7272 to be moved: H4132 he that keepeth H8104 thee will not H408 slumber.H5123

Sal 121:4 Behold, H2009 he that keepeth H8104 Israel H3478 shall neither H3808 slumber H5123 nor H3808 sleep.H3462

Sal 121:5 The LORD H3068 is thy keeper: H8104 the LORD H3068 is thy shade H6738 upon H5921 thy right H3225 hand.H3027

Sal 121:6 The sun H8121 shall not H3808 smite H5221 thee by day, H3119 nor the moon H3394 by night.H3915

Sal 121:7 The LORD H3068 shall preserve H8104 thee from all H4480 H3605 evil: H7451 he shall preserve H8104 (H853) thy soul.H5315

Sal 121:8 The LORD H3068 shall preserve H8104 thy going out H3318 and thy coming in H935 from this time forth, H4480 H6258 and even for evermore. H5704 H5769

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