Salmos  Capitulo 47 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 47:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 for the sons H1121 of Korah. H7141 O clap H8628 your hands, H3709 all H3605 ye people; H5971 shout H7321 unto God H430 with the voice H6963 of triumph.H7440

Sal 47:2 For H3588 the LORD H3068 most high H5945 is terrible; H3372 he is a great H1419 King H4428 over H5921 all H3605 the earth.H776

Sal 47:3 He shall subdue H1696 the people H5971 under H8478 us, and the nations H3816 under H8478 our feet.H7272

Sal 47:4 He shall choose H977 (H853) our inheritance H5159 for us,(H853) the excellency H1347 of Jacob H3290 whom H834 he loved. H157 Selah.H5542

Sal 47:5 God H430 is gone up H5927 with a shout, H8643 the LORD H3068 with the sound H6963 of a trumpet.H7782

Sal 47:6 Sing praises H2167 to God, H430 sing praises: H2167 sing praises H2167 unto our King, H4428 sing praises.H2167

Sal 47:7 For H3588 God H430 is the King H4428 of all H3605 the earth: H776 sing ye praises H2167 with understanding.H7919

Sal 47:8 God H430 reigneth H4427 over H5921 the heathen: H1471 God H430 sitteth H3427 upon H5921 the throne H3678 of his holiness.H6944

Sal 47:9 The princes H5081 of the people H5971 are gathered together, H622 even the people H5971 of the God H430 of Abraham: H85 for H3588 the shields H4043 of the earth H776 belong unto God: H430 he is greatly H3966 exalted.H5927

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