Salmos  Capitulo 99 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 99:1 The LORD H3068 reigneth; H4427 let the people H5971 tremble: H7264 he sitteth H3427 between the cherubims; H3742 let the earth H776 be moved.H5120

Sal 99:2 The LORD H3068 is great H1419 in Zion; H6726 and he H1931 is high H7311 above H5921 all H3605 the people.H5971

Sal 99:3 Let them praise H3034 thy great H1419 and terrible H3372 name; H8034 for it H1931 is holy.H6918

Sal 99:4 The king's H4428 strength H5797 also loveth H157 judgment; H4941 thou H859 dost establish H3559 equity, H4339 thou H859 executest H6213 judgment H4941 and righteousness H6666 in Jacob.H3290

Sal 99:5 Exalt H7311 ye the LORD H3068 our God, H430 and worship H7812 at his footstool; H1916 H7272 for he H1931 is holy.H6918

Sal 99:6 Moses H4872 and Aaron H175 among his priests, H3548 and Samuel H8050 among them that call upon H7121 his name; H8034 they called H7121 upon H413 the LORD, H3068 and he H1931 answered H6030 them.

Sal 99:7 He spake H1696 unto H413 them in the cloudy H6051 pillar: H5982 they kept H8104 his testimonies, H5713 and the ordinance H2706 that he gave H5414 them.

Sal 99:8 Thou answeredst H6030 them, O LORD H3068 our God: H430 thou H859 wast H1961 a God H410 that forgavest H5375 them, though thou tookest vengeance H5358 of H5921 their inventions.H5949

Sal 99:9 Exalt H7311 the LORD H3068 our God, H430 and worship H7812 at his holy H6944 hill; H2022 for H3588 the LORD H3068 our God H430 is holy.H6918

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