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1Cr 18:1 Now after H310 this H3651 it came to pass, H1961 that David H1732 smote H5221 (H853) the Philistines, H6430 and subdued H3665 them, and took H3947 (H853) Gath H1661 and her towns H1323 out of the hand H4480 H3027 of the Philistines.H6430

1Cr 18:2 And he smote H5221 (H853) Moab; H4124 and the Moabites H4124 became H1961 David's H1732 servants, H5650 and brought H5375 gifts.H4503

1Cr 18:3 And David H1732 smote H5221 (H853) Hadarezer H1928 king H4428 of Zobah H6678 unto Hamath, H2574 as he went H1980 to stablish H5324 his dominion H3027 by the river H5104 Euphrates.H6578

1Cr 18:4 And David H1732 took H3920 from H4480 him a thousand H505 chariots, H7393 and seven H7651 thousand H505 horsemen, H6571 and twenty H6242 thousand H505 footmen: H376 H7273 David H1732 also houghed H6131 (H853) all H3605 the chariot H7393 horses, but reserved H3498 of H4480 them an hundred H3967 chariots.H7393

1Cr 18:5 And when the Syrians H758 of Damascus H1834 came H935 to help H5826 Hadarezer H1928 king H4428 of Zobah, H6678 David H1732 slew H5221 of the Syrians H758 two H8147 and twenty H6242 thousand H505 men.H376

1Cr 18:6 Then David H1732 put H7760 garrisons in Syriadamascus; H758 H1834 and the Syrians H758 became H1961 David's H1732 servants, H5650 and brought H5375 gifts. H4503 Thus the LORD H3068 preserved H3467 David H1732 whithersoever H3605 H834 he went.H1980

1Cr 18:7 And David H1732 took H3947 (H853) the shields H7982 of gold H2091 that H834 were H1961 on H5921 the servants H5650 of Hadarezer, H1928 and brought H935 them to Jerusalem.H3389

1Cr 18:8 Likewise from Tibhath, H4480 H2880 and from Chun, H4480 H3560 cities H5892 of Hadarezer, H1928 brought H3947 David H1732 very H3966 much H7227 brass, H5178 wherewith Solomon H8010 made H6213 (H853) the brasen H5178 sea, H3220 and the pillars, H5982 and the vessels H3627 of brass.H5178

1Cr 18:9 Now when Tou H8583 king H4428 of Hamath H2574 heard H8085 how H3588 David H1732 had smitten H5221 (H853) all H3605 the host H2428 of Hadarezer H1928 king H4428 of Zobah;H6678

1Cr 18:10 He sent H7971 (H853) Hadoram H1913 his son H1121 to H413 king H4428 David, H1732 to enquire H7592 of his welfare, H7965 and to congratulate H1288 him, because H5921 H834 he had fought H3898 against Hadarezer, H1928 and smitten H5221 him; (for H3588 Hadarezer H1928 had war H1961 H376 H4421 with Tou;) H8583 and with him all manner H3605 of vessels H3627 of gold H2091 and silver H3701 and brass.H5178

1Cr 18:11 Them also H1571 king H4428 David H1732 dedicated H6942 unto the LORD, H3068 with H5973 the silver H3701 and the gold H2091 that H834 he brought H5375 from all H4480 H3605 these nations; H1471 from Edom, H4480 H123 and from Moab, H4480 H4124 and from the children H4480 H1121 of Ammon, H5983 and from the Philistines, H4480 H6430 and from Amalek. H4480 H6002

1Cr 18:12 Moreover Abishai H52 the son H1121 of Zeruiah H6870 slew H5221 (H853) of the Edomites H123 in the valley H1516 of salt H4417 eighteen H8083 H6240 thousand.H505

1Cr 18:13 And he put H7760 garrisons H5333 in Edom; H123 and all H3605 the Edomites H123 became H1961 David's H1732 servants. H5650 Thus the LORD H3068 preserved H3467 (H853) David H1732 whithersoever H3605 H834 he went.H1980

1Cr 18:14 So David H1732 reigned H4427 over H5921 all H3605 Israel, H3478 and executed H1961 H6213 judgment H4941 and justice H6666 among all H3605 his people.H5971

1Cr 18:15 And Joab H3097 the son H1121 of Zeruiah H6870 was over H5921 the host; H6635 and Jehoshaphat H3092 the son H1121 of Ahilud, H286 recorder.H2142

1Cr 18:16 And Zadok H6659 the son H1121 of Ahitub, H285 and Abimelech H40 the son H1121 of Abiathar, H54 were the priests; H3548 and Shavsha H7798 was scribe;H5608

1Cr 18:17 And Benaiah H1141 the son H1121 of Jehoiada H3111 was over H5921 the Cherethites H3774 and the Pelethites; H6432 and the sons H1121 of David H1732 were chief H7223 about H3027 the king.H4428

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