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1Cr 24:1 Now these are the divisions H4256 of the sons H1121 of Aaron. H175 The sons H1121 of Aaron; H175 Nadab, H5070 and Abihu, H30 Eleazar, H499 and Ithamar.H385

1Cr 24:2 But Nadab H5070 and Abihu H30 died H4191 before H6440 their father, H1 and had H1961 no H3808 children: H1121 therefore Eleazar H499 and Ithamar H385 executed the priest's office.H3547

1Cr 24:3 And David H1732 distributed H2505 them, both Zadok H6659 of H4480 the sons H1121 of Eleazar, H499 and Ahimelech H288 of H4480 the sons H1121 of Ithamar, H385 according to their offices H6486 in their service.H5656

1Cr 24:4 And there were more H7227 chief H7218 men H1397 found H4672 of the sons H1121 of Eleazar H499 than H4480 of the sons H1121 of Ithamar; H385 and thus were they divided. H2505 Among the sons H1121 of Eleazar H499 there were sixteen H8337 H6240 chief men H7218 of the house H1004 of their fathers, H1 and eight H8083 among the sons H1121 of Ithamar H385 according to the house H1004 of their fathers.H1

1Cr 24:5 Thus were they divided H2505 by lot, H1486 one sort H428 with H5973 another; H428 for H3588 the governors H8269 of the sanctuary, H6944 and governors H8269 of the house of God, H430 were H1961 of the sons H4480 H1121 of Eleazar, H499 and of the sons H1121 of Ithamar.H385

1Cr 24:6 And Shemaiah H8098 the son H1121 of Nethaneel H5417 the scribe, H5608 one of H4480 the Levites, H3878 wrote H3789 them before H6440 the king, H4428 and the princes, H8269 and Zadok H6659 the priest, H3548 and Ahimelech H288 the son H1121 of Abiathar, H54 and before the chief H7218 of the fathers H1 of the priests H3548 and Levites: H3881 one H259 principal H1 household H1004 being taken H270 for Eleazar, H499 and one taken H270 for Ithamar.H385

1Cr 24:7 Now the first H7223 lot H1486 came forth H3318 to Jehoiarib, H3080 the second H8145 to Jedaiah,H3048

1Cr 24:8 The third H7992 to Harim, H2766 the fourth H7243 to Seorim,H8188

1Cr 24:9 The fifth H2549 to Malchijah, H4441 the sixth H8345 to Mijamin,H4326

1Cr 24:10 The seventh H7637 to Hakkoz, H6976 the eighth H8066 to Abijah,H29

1Cr 24:11 The ninth H8671 to Jeshua, H3442 the tenth H6224 to Shecaniah,H7935

1Cr 24:12 The eleventh H6249 H6240 to Eliashib, H475 the twelfth H8147 H6240 to Jakim,H3356

1Cr 24:13 The thirteenth H7969 H6240 to Huppah, H2647 the fourteenth H702 H6240 to Jeshebeab,H3428

1Cr 24:16 The nineteenth H8672 H6240 to Pethahiah, H6611 the twentieth H6242 to Jehezekel,H3168

1Cr 24:17 The one H259 and twentieth H6242 to Jachin, H3199 the two H8147 and twentieth H6242 to Gamul,H1577

1Cr 24:18 The three H7969 and twentieth H6242 to Delaiah, H1806 the four H702 and twentieth H6242 to Maaziah.H4590

1Cr 24:19 These H428 were the orderings H6486 of them in their service H5656 to come H935 into the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 according to their manner, H4941 under H3027 Aaron H175 their father, H1 as H834 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel H3478 had commanded H6680 him.

1Cr 24:20 And the rest H3498 of the sons H1121 of Levi H3878 were these: Of the sons H1121 of Amram; H6019 Shubael: H7619 of the sons H1121 of Shubael; H7619 Jehdeiah.H3165

1Cr 24:21 Concerning Rehabiah: H7345 of the sons H1121 of Rehabiah, H7345 the first H7218 was Isshiah.H3449

1Cr 24:22 Of the Izharites; H3325 Shelomoth: H8013 of the sons H1121 of Shelomoth; H8013 Jahath.H3189

1Cr 24:23 And the sons H1121 of Hebron; Jeriah H3404 the first, Amariah H568 the second, H8145 Jahaziel H3166 the third, H7992 Jekameam H3360 the fourth.H7243

1Cr 24:24 Of the sons H1121 of Uzziel; H5816 Michah: H4318 of the sons H1121 of Michah; H4318 Shamir.H8069

1Cr 24:25 The brother H251 of Michah H4318 was Isshiah: H3449 of the sons H1121 of Isshiah; H3449 Zechariah.H2148

1Cr 24:26 The sons H1121 of Merari H4847 were Mahli H4249 and Mushi: H4187 the sons H1121 of Jaaziah; H3269 Beno.H1121

1Cr 24:27 The sons H1121 of Merari H4847 by Jaaziah; H3269 Beno, H1121 and Shoham, H7719 and Zaccur, H2139 and Ibri.H5681

1Cr 24:28 Of Mahli H4249 came Eleazar, H499 who had H1961 no H3808 sons.H1121

1Cr 24:29 Concerning Kish: H7027 the son H1121 of Kish H7027 was Jerahmeel.H3396

1Cr 24:30 The sons H1121 also of Mushi; H4187 Mahli, H4249 and Eder, H5740 and Jerimoth. H3406 These H428 were the sons H1121 of the Levites H3881 after the house H1004 of their fathers.H1

1Cr 24:31 These H1992 likewise H1571 cast H5307 lots H1486 over against H5980 their brethren H251 the sons H1121 of Aaron H175 in the presence H6440 of David H1732 the king, H4428 and Zadok, H6659 and Ahimelech, H288 and the chief H7218 of the fathers H1 of the priests H3548 and Levites, H3881 even the principal H7218 fathers H1 over against H5980 their younger H6996 brethren.H251

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