1 Samuel  Capitulo 13 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Sa 13:1 Saul H7586 reigned H4427 one H1121 year; H8141 and when he had reigned H4427 two H8147 years H8141 over H5921 Israel,H3478

1Sa 13:2 Saul H7586 chose H977 him three H7969 thousand H505 men of Israel; H4480 H3478 whereof two thousand H505 were H1961 with H5973 Saul H7586 in Michmash H4363 and in mount H2022 Bethel, H1008 and a thousand H505 were H1961 with H5973 Jonathan H3083 in Gibeah H1390 of Benjamin: H1144 and the rest H3499 of the people H5971 he sent H7971 every man H376 to his tent.H168

1Sa 13:3 And Jonathan H3083 smote H5221 (H853) the garrison H5333 of the Philistines H6430 that H834 was in Geba, H1387 and the Philistines H6430 heard H8085 of it. And Saul H7586 blew H8628 the trumpet H7782 throughout all H3605 the land, H776 saying, H559 Let the Hebrews H5680 hear.H8085

1Sa 13:4 And all H3605 Israel H3478 heard H8085 say H559 that Saul H7586 had smitten H5221 (H853) a garrison H5333 of the Philistines, H6430 and that Israel H3478 also H1571 was had in abomination H887 with the Philistines. H6430 And the people H5971 were called together H6817 after H310 Saul H7586 to Gilgal.H1537

1Sa 13:5 And the Philistines H6430 gathered themselves together H622 to fight H3898 with H5973 Israel, H3478 thirty H7970 thousand H505 chariots, H7393 and six H8337 thousand H505 horsemen, H6571 and people H5971 as the sand H2344 which H834 is on H5921 the sea H3220 shore H8193 in multitude: H7230 and they came up, H5927 and pitched H2583 in Michmash, H4363 eastward H6926 from Bethaven.H1007

1Sa 13:6 When the men H376 of Israel H3478 saw H7200 that H3588 they were in a strait, H6887 (for H3588 the people H5971 were distressed,) H5065 then the people H5971 did hide themselves H2244 in caves, H4631 and in thickets, H2337 and in rocks, H5553 and in high places, H6877 and in pits.H953

1Sa 13:7 And some of the Hebrews H5680 went over H5674 (H853) Jordan H3383 to the land H776 of Gad H1410 and Gilead. H1568 As for Saul, H7586 he was yet H5750 in Gilgal, H1537 and all H3605 the people H5971 followed H310 him trembling.H2729

1Sa 13:8 And he tarried H3176 seven H7651 days, H3117 according to the set time H4150 that H834 Samuel H8050 had appointed: but Samuel H8050 came H935 not H3808 to Gilgal; H1537 and the people H5971 were scattered H6327 from H4480 H5921 him.

1Sa 13:9 And Saul H7586 said, H559 Bring hither H5066 a burnt offering H5930 to H413 me, and peace offerings. H8002 And he offered H5927 the burnt offering.H5930

1Sa 13:10 And it came to pass, H1961 that as soon as he had made an end H3615 of offering H5927 the burnt offering, H5930 behold, H2009 Samuel H8050 came; H935 and Saul H7586 went out H3318 to meet H7125 him, that he might salute H1288 him.

1Sa 13:11 And Samuel H8050 said, H559 What H4100 hast thou done? H6213 And Saul H7586 said, H559 Because H3588 I saw H7200 that H3588 the people H5971 were scattered H5310 from H4480 H5921 me, and that thou H859 camest H935 not H3808 within the days H3117 appointed, H4150 and that the Philistines H6430 gathered themselves together H622 at Michmash;H4363

1Sa 13:12 Therefore said H559 I, The Philistines H6430 will come down H3381 now H6258 upon H413 me to Gilgal, H1537 and I have not H3808 made supplication H2470 unto H6440 the LORD: H3068 I forced myself H662 therefore, and offered H5927 a burnt offering.H5930

1Sa 13:13 And Samuel H8050 said H559 to H413 Saul, H7586 Thou hast done foolishly: H5528 thou hast not H3808 kept H8104 (H853) the commandment H4687 of the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 which H834 he commanded H6680 thee: for H3588 now H6258 would the LORD H3068 have established H3559 (H853) thy kingdom H4467 upon H413 Israel H3478 for ever. H5704 H5769

1Sa 13:14 But now H6258 thy kingdom H4467 shall not H3808 continue: H6965 the LORD H3068 hath sought H1245 him a man H376 after his own heart, H3824 and the LORD H3068 hath commanded H6680 him to be captain H5057 over H5921 his people, H5971 because H3588 thou hast not H3808 kept H8104 that(H853) which H834 the LORD H3068 commanded H6680 thee.

1Sa 13:15 And Samuel H8050 arose, H6965 and gat him up H5927 from H4480 Gilgal H1537 unto Gibeah H1390 of Benjamin. H1144 And Saul H7586 numbered H6485 (H853) the people H5971 that were present H4672 with H5973 him, about six H8337 hundred H3967 men.H376

1Sa 13:16 And Saul, H7586 and Jonathan H3083 his son, H1121 and the people H5971 that were present H4672 with H5973 them, abode H3427 in Gibeah H1387 of Benjamin: H1144 but the Philistines H6430 encamped H2583 in Michmash.H4363

1Sa 13:17 And the spoilers H7843 came out H3318 of the camp H4480 H4264 of the Philistines H6430 in three H7969 companies: H7218 one H259 company H7218 turned H6437 unto H413 the way H1870 that leadeth to Ophrah, H6084 unto H413 the land H776 of Shual:H7777

1Sa 13:18 And another H259 company H7218 turned H6437 the way H1870 to Bethhoron: H1032 and another H259 company H7218 turned H6437 to the way H1870 of the border H1366 that looketh H8259 to H5921 the valley H1516 of Zeboim H6650 toward the wilderness.H4057

1Sa 13:19 Now there was no H3808 smith H2796 found H4672 throughout all H3605 the land H776 of Israel: H3478 for H3588 the Philistines H6430 said, H559 Lest H6435 the Hebrews H5680 make H6213 them swords H2719 or H176 spears:H2595

1Sa 13:20 But all H3605 the Israelites H3478 went down H3381 to the Philistines, H6430 to sharpen H3913 every man H376 (H853) his share, H4282 and his coulter, H855 and his axe, H7134 and his mattock.H4281

1Sa 13:21 Yet they had H1961 a file H6477 H6310 for the mattocks, H4281 and for the coulters, H855 and for the forks, H7969 H7053 and for the axes, H7134 and to sharpen H5324 the goads.H1861

1Sa 13:22 So it came to pass H1961 in the day H3117 of battle, H4421 that there was neither H3808 sword H2719 nor spear H2595 found H4672 in the hand H3027 of any H3605 of the people H5971 that H834 were with H854 Saul H7586 and Jonathan: H3083 but with Saul H7586 and with Jonathan H3083 his son H1121 was there found.H4672

1Sa 13:23 And the garrison H4673 of the Philistines H6430 went out H3318 to H413 the passage H4569 of Michmash.H4363

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