Cantares  Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Cnt 2:1 I H589 am the rose H2261 of Sharon, H8289 and the lily H7799 of the valleys.H6010

Cnt 2:2 As the lily H7799 among H996 thorns, H2336 so H3651 is my love H7474 among H996 the daughters.H1323

Cnt 2:3 As the apple tree H8598 among the trees H6086 of the wood, H3293 so H3651 is my beloved H1730 among H996 the sons. H1121 I sat down H3427 under his shadow H6738 with great delight, H2530 and his fruit H6529 was sweet H4966 to my taste.H2441

Cnt 2:4 He brought H935 me to H413 the banqueting H3196 house, H1004 and his banner H1714 over H5921 me was love.H160

Cnt 2:5 Stay H5564 me with flagons, H809 comfort H7502 me with apples: H8598 for H3588 I H589 am sick H2470 of love.H160

Cnt 2:6 His left hand H8040 is under H8478 my head, H7218 and his right hand H3225 doth embrace H2263 me.

Cnt 2:7 I charge H7650 you, O ye daughters H1323 of Jerusalem, H3389 by the roes, H6643 and H176 by the hinds H355 of the field, H7704 that ye stir not up, H518 H5782 nor H518 awake H5782 (H853) my love, H160 till he please. H7945 H2654

Cnt 2:8 The voice H6963 of my beloved! H1730 behold, H2009 he H2088 cometh H935 leaping H1801 upon H5921 the mountains, H2022 skipping H7092 upon H5921 the hills.H1389

Cnt 2:9 My beloved H1730 is like H1819 a roe H6643 or H176 a young H6082 hart: H354 behold, H2009 he H2088 standeth H5975 behind H310 our wall, H3796 he looketh forth H7688 at H4480 the windows, H2474 shewing himself H6692 through H4480 the lattice.H2762

Cnt 2:10 My beloved H1730 spake, H6030 and said H559 unto me, Rise up, H6965 my love, H7474 my fair one, H3303 and come away.H1980

Cnt 2:11 For, H3588 lo, H2009 the winter H5638 is past, H5674 the rain H1653 is over H2498 and gone;H1980

Cnt 2:12 The flowers H5339 appear H7200 on the earth; H776 the time H6256 of the singing H2158 of birds is come, H5060 and the voice H6963 of the turtle H8449 is heard H8085 in our land;H776

Cnt 2:13 The fig tree H8384 putteth forth H2590 her green figs, H6291 and the vines H1612 with the tender grape H5563 give H5414 a good smell. H7381 Arise, H6965 my love, H7474 my fair one, H3303 and come away.H1980

Cnt 2:14 O my dove, H3123 that art in the clefts H2288 of the rock, H5553 in the secret H5643 places of the stairs, H4095 let me see H7200 (H853) thy countenance, H4758 let me hear H8085 (H853) thy voice; H6963 for H3588 sweet H6156 is thy voice, H6963 and thy countenance H4758 is comely.H5000

Cnt 2:15 Take H270 us the foxes, H7776 the little H6996 foxes, H7776 that spoil H2254 the vines: H3754 for our vines H3754 have tender grapes.H5563

Cnt 2:16 My beloved H1730 is mine, and I H589 am his: he feedeth H7462 among the lilies.H7799

Cnt 2:17 Until H5704 the day H7945 H3117 break, H6315 and the shadows H6752 flee away, H5127 turn, H5437 my beloved, H1730 and be thou like H1819 a roe H6643 or H176 a young H6082 hart H354 upon H5921 the mountains H2022 of Bether.H1336

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