Daniel  Capitulo 11 - King James with Numbers Strong

Dan 11:1 Also I H589 in the first H259 year H8141 of Darius H1867 the Mede, H4075 even I, stood H5975 to confirm H2388 and to strengthen H4581 him.

Dan 11:2 And now H6258 will I shew H5046 thee the truth. H571 Behold, H2009 there shall stand up H5975 yet H5750 three H7969 kings H4428 in Persia; H6539 and the fourth H7243 shall be far richer H6238 H1419 H6239 than they all: H4480 H3605 and by his strength H2393 through his riches H6239 he shall stir up H5782 all H3605 against H854 the realm H4438 of Grecia.H3120

Dan 11:3 And a mighty H1368 king H4428 shall stand up, H5975 that shall rule H4910 with great H7227 dominion, H4474 and do H6213 according to his will.H7522

Dan 11:4 And when he shall stand up, H5975 his kingdom H4438 shall be broken, H7665 and shall be divided H2673 toward the four H702 winds H7307 of heaven; H8064 and not H3808 to his posterity, H319 nor H3808 according to his dominion H4915 which H834 he ruled: H4910 for H3588 his kingdom H4438 shall be plucked up, H5428 even for others H312 beside H4480 H905 those.H428

Dan 11:5 And the king H4428 of the south H5045 shall be strong, H2388 and one of H4480 his princes; H8269 and he shall be strong H2388 above H5921 him, and have dominion; H4910 his dominion H4474 shall be a great H7227 dominion.H4474

Dan 11:6 And in the end H7093 of years H8141 they shall join themselves together; H2266 for the king's H4428 daughter H1323 of the south H5045 shall come H935 to H413 the king H4428 of the north H6828 to make H6213 an agreement: H4339 but she shall not H3808 retain H6113 the power H3581 of the arm; H2220 neither H3808 shall he stand, H5975 nor his arm: H2220 but she H1931 shall be given up, H5414 and they that brought H935 her, and he that begat H3205 her, and he that strengthened H2388 her in these times.H6256

Dan 11:7 But out of a branch H4480 H5342 of her roots H8328 shall one stand up H5975 in his estate, H3653 which shall come H935 with H413 an army, H2428 and shall enter H935 into the fortress H4581 of the king H4428 of the north, H6828 and shall deal H6213 against them, and shall prevail:H2388

Dan 11:8 And shall also H1571 carry H935 captives H7628 into Egypt H4714 their gods, H430 with H5973 their princes, H5257 and with H5973 their precious H2532 vessels H3627 of silver H3701 and of gold; H2091 and he H1931 shall continue H5975 more years H8141 than the king H4480 H4428 of the north.H6828

Dan 11:9 So the king H4428 of the south H5045 shall come H935 into his kingdom, H4438 and shall return H7725 into H413 his own land.H127

Dan 11:10 But his sons H1121 shall be stirred up, H1624 and shall assemble H622 a multitude H1995 of great H7227 forces: H2428 and one shall certainly come, H935 H935 and overflow, H7857 and pass through: H5674 then shall he return, H7725 and be stirred up, H1624 even to H5704 his fortress.H4581

Dan 11:11 And the king H4428 of the south H5045 shall be moved with choler, H4843 and shall come forth H3318 and fight H3898 with H5973 him, even with H5973 the king H4428 of the north: H6828 and he shall set forth H5975 a great H7227 multitude; H1995 but the multitude H1995 shall be given H5414 into his hand.H3027

Dan 11:12 And when he hath taken away H5375 the multitude, H1995 his heart H3824 shall be lifted up; H7311 and he shall cast down H5307 many ten thousands: H7239 but he shall not H3808 be strengthened H5810 by it.

Dan 11:13 For the king H4428 of the north H6828 shall return, H7725 and shall set forth H5975 a multitude H1995 greater H7227 than H4480 the former, H7223 and shall certainly come H935 H935 after H7093 certain H6256 years H8141 with a great H1419 army H2428 and with much H7227 riches.H7399

Dan 11:14 And in those H1992 times H6256 there shall many H7227 stand up H5975 against H5921 the king H4428 of the south: H5045 also the robbers H1121 H6530 of thy people H5971 shall exalt themselves H5375 to establish H5975 the vision; H2377 but they shall fall.H3782

Dan 11:15 So the king H4428 of the north H6828 shall come, H935 and cast up H8210 a mount, H5550 and take H3920 the most fenced H4013 cities: H5892 and the arms H2220 of the south H5045 shall not H3808 withstand, H5975 neither his chosen H4005 people, H5971 neither H369 shall there be any strength H3581 to withstand.H5975

Dan 11:16 But he that cometh H935 against H413 him shall do H6213 according to his own will, H7522 and none H369 shall stand H5975 before H6440 him: and he shall stand H5975 in the glorious H6643 land, H776 which by his hand H3027 shall be consumed.H3615

Dan 11:17 He shall also set H7760 his face H6440 to enter H935 with the strength H8633 of his whole H3605 kingdom, H4438 and upright ones H3477 with H5973 him; thus shall he do: H6213 and he shall give H5414 him the daughter H1323 of women, H802 corrupting H7843 her: but she shall not H3808 stand H5975 on his side, neither H3808 be H1961 for him.

Dan 11:18 After this shall he turn H7725 his face H6440 unto the isles, H339 and shall take H3920 many: H7227 but a prince H7101 for his own behalf shall cause the reproach H2781 offered by him to cease; H7673 without H1115 his own reproach H2781 he shall cause it to turn H7725 upon him.

Dan 11:19 Then he shall turn H7725 his face H6440 toward the fort H4581 of his own land: H776 but he shall stumble H3782 and fall, H5307 and not H3808 be found.H4672

Dan 11:20 Then shall stand up H5975 in H5921 his estate H3653 a raiser H5674 of taxes H5065 in the glory H1925 of the kingdom: H4438 but within few H259 days H3117 he shall be destroyed, H7665 neither H3808 in anger, H639 nor H3808 in battle.H4421

Dan 11:21 And in H5921 his estate H3653 shall stand up H5975 a vile person, H959 to H5921 whom they shall not H3808 give H5414 the honour H1935 of the kingdom: H4438 but he shall come in H935 peaceably, H7962 and obtain H2388 the kingdom H4438 by flatteries.H2519

Dan 11:22 And with the arms H2220 of a flood H7858 shall they be overflown H7857 from before H4480 H6440 him, and shall be broken; H7665 yea, also H1571 the prince H5057 of the covenant.H1285

Dan 11:23 And after H4480 the league H2266 made with H413 him he shall work H6213 deceitfully: H4820 for he shall come up, H5927 and shall become strong H6105 with a small H4592 people.H1471

Dan 11:24 He shall enter H935 peaceably H7962 even upon the fattest places H4924 of the province; H4082 and he shall do H6213 that which H834 his fathers H1 have not H3808 done, H6213 nor his fathers' H1 fathers; H1 he shall scatter H967 among them the prey, H961 and spoil, H7998 and riches: H7399 yea, and he shall forecast H2803 his devices H4284 against H5921 the strong holds, H4013 even for H5704 a time.H6256

Dan 11:25 And he shall stir up H5782 his power H3581 and his courage H3824 against H5921 the king H4428 of the south H5045 with a great H1419 army; H2428 and the king H4428 of the south H5045 shall be stirred up H1624 to battle H4421 with a very H5704 H3966 great H1419 and mighty H6099 army; H2428 but he shall not H3808 stand: H5975 for H3588 they shall forecast H2803 devices H4284 against H5921 him.

Dan 11:26 Yea, they that feed H398 of the portion of his meat H6598 shall destroy H7665 him, and his army H2428 shall overflow: H7857 and many H7227 shall fall down H5307 slain.H2491

Dan 11:27 And both H8147 these kings' H4428 hearts H3824 shall be to do mischief, H4827 and they shall speak H1696 lies H3577 at H5921 one H259 table; H7979 but it shall not H3808 prosper: H6743 for H3588 yet H5750 the end H7093 shall be at the time appointed.H4150

Dan 11:28 Then shall he return H7725 into his land H776 with great H1419 riches; H7399 and his heart H3824 shall be against H5921 the holy H6944 covenant; H1285 and he shall do H6213 exploits, and return H7725 to his own land.H776

Dan 11:29 At the time appointed H4150 he shall return, H7725 and come H935 toward the south; H5045 but it shall not H3808 be H1961 as the former, H7223 or as the latter.H314

Dan 11:30 For the ships H6716 of Chittim H3794 shall come H935 against him: therefore he shall be grieved, H3512 and return, H7725 and have indignation H2194 against H5921 the holy H6944 covenant: H1285 so shall he do; H6213 he shall even return, H7725 and have intelligence H995 with H5921 them that forsake H5800 the holy H6944 covenant.H1285

Dan 11:31 And arms H2220 shall stand H5975 on his part, H4480 and they shall pollute H2490 the sanctuary H4720 of strength, H4581 and shall take away H5493 the daily H8548 sacrifice, and they shall place H5414 the abomination H8251 that maketh desolate.H8074

Dan 11:32 And such as do wickedly against H7561 the covenant H1285 shall he corrupt H2610 by flatteries: H2514 but the people H5971 that do know H3045 their God H430 shall be strong, H2388 and do H6213 exploits.

Dan 11:33 And they that understand H7919 among the people H5971 shall instruct H995 many: H7227 yet they shall fall H3782 by the sword, H2719 and by flame, H3852 by captivity, H7628 and by spoil, H961 many days.H3117

Dan 11:34 Now when they shall fall, H3782 they shall be holpen H5826 with a little H4592 help: H5828 but many H7227 shall cleave H3867 to H5921 them with flatteries.H2519

Dan 11:35 And some of H4480 them of understanding H7919 shall fall, H3782 to try H6884 them, and to purge, H1305 and to make them white, H3835 even to H5704 the time H6256 of the end: H7093 because H3588 it is yet H5750 for a time appointed.H4150

Dan 11:36 And the king H4428 shall do H6213 according to his will; H7522 and he shall exalt himself, H7311 and magnify himself H1431 above H5921 every H3605 god, H410 and shall speak H1696 marvellous things H6381 against H5921 the God H410 of gods, H410 and shall prosper H6743 till H5704 the indignation H2195 be accomplished: H3615 for H3588 that that is determined H2782 shall be done.H6213

Dan 11:37 Neither shall he regard H5921 H3808 H995 the God H430 of his fathers, H1 nor the desire H2532 of women, H802 nor regard any H3605 H3808 H995 god: H433 for H3588 he shall magnify himself H1431 above H5921 all.H3605

Dan 11:38 But in H5921 his estate H3653 shall he honour H3513 the God H433 of forces: H4581 and a god H433 whom H834 his fathers H1 knew H3045 not H3808 shall he honour H3513 with gold, H2091 and silver, H3701 and with precious H3368 stones, H68 and pleasant things.H2530

Dan 11:39 Thus shall he do H6213 in the most strong holds H4013 H4581 with H5973 a strange H5236 god, H433 whom H834 he shall acknowledge H5234 and increase H7235 with glory: H3519 and he shall cause them to rule H4910 over many, H7227 and shall divide H2505 the land H127 for gain.H4242

Dan 11:40 And at the time H6256 of the end H7093 shall the king H4428 of the south H5045 push H5055 at H5973 him: and the king H4428 of the north H6828 shall come against him like a whirlwind, H8175 H5921 with chariots, H7393 and with horsemen, H6571 and with many H7227 ships; H591 and he shall enter H935 into the countries, H776 and shall overflow H7857 and pass over.H5674

Dan 11:41 He shall enter H935 also into the glorious H6643 land, H776 and many H7227 countries shall be overthrown: H3782 but these H428 shall escape H4422 out of his hand, H4480 H3027 even Edom, H123 and Moab, H4124 and the chief H7225 of the children H1121 of Ammon.H5983

Dan 11:42 He shall stretch forth H7971 his hand H3027 also upon the countries: H776 and the land H776 of Egypt H4714 shall not H3808 escape. H1961 H6413

Dan 11:43 But he shall have power H4910 over the treasures H4362 of gold H2091 and of silver, H3701 and over all H3605 the precious things H2530 of Egypt: H4714 and the Libyans H3864 and the Ethiopians H3569 shall be at his steps.H4703

Dan 11:44 But tidings H8052 out of the east H4480 H4217 and out of the north H4480 H6828 shall trouble H926 him: therefore he shall go forth H3318 with great H1419 fury H2534 to destroy, H8045 and utterly to make away H2763 many.H7227

Dan 11:45 And he shall plant H5193 the tabernacles H168 of his palace H643 between H996 the seas H3220 in the glorious H6643 holy H6944 mountain; H2022 yet he shall come H935 to H5704 his end, H7093 and none H369 shall help H5826 him.

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