Levítico  Capitulo 21 - King James with Numbers Strong

Lev 21:1 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 Moses, H4872 Speak H559 unto H413 the priests H3548 the sons H1121 of Aaron, H175 and say H559 unto H413 them, There shall none H3808 be defiled H2930 for the dead H5315 among his people:H5971

Lev 21:2 But H3588 H518 for his kin, H7607 that is near H7138 unto H413 him, that is, for his mother, H517 and for his father, H1 and for his son, H1121 and for his daughter, H1323 and for his brother,H251

Lev 21:3 And for his sister H269 a virgin, H1330 that is nigh H7138 unto H413 him, which H834 hath had H1961 no H3808 husband; H376 for her may he be defiled.H2930

Lev 21:4 But he shall not H3808 defile himself, H2930 being a chief man H1167 among his people, H5971 to profane himself.H2490

Lev 21:5 They shall not H3808 make H7139 baldness H7144 upon their head, H7218 neither H3808 shall they shave off H1548 the corner H6285 of their beard, H2206 nor H3808 make H8295 any cuttings H8296 in their flesh.H1320

Lev 21:6 They shall be H1961 holy H6918 unto their God, H430 and not H3808 profane H2490 the name H8034 of their God: H430 for H3588 (H853) the offerings of the LORD made by fire, H801 H3068 and the bread H3899 of their God, H430 they H1992 do offer: H7126 therefore they shall be H1961 holy.H6944

Lev 21:7 They shall not H3808 take H3947 a wife H802 that is a whore, H2181 or profane; H2491 neither H3808 shall they take H3947 a woman H802 put away H1644 from her husband: H4480 H376 for H3588 he H1931 is holy H6918 unto his God.H430

Lev 21:8 Thou shalt sanctify H6942 him therefore; for H3588 he H1931 offereth H7126 (H853) the bread H3899 of thy God: H430 he shall be H1961 holy H6918 unto thee: for H3588 I H589 the LORD, H3068 which sanctify H6942 you, am holy.H6918

Lev 21:9 And the daughter H1323 of any H376 priest, H3548 if H3588 she profane herself H2490 by playing the whore, H2181 she H1931 profaneth H2490 (H853) her father: H1 she shall be burnt H8313 with fire.H784

Lev 21:10 And he that is the high H1419 priest H3548 among his brethren, H4480 H251 upon H5921 whose H834 head H7218 the anointing H4888 oil H8081 was poured, H3332 and that is consecrated H4390 (H853) H3027 to put on H3847 (H853) the garments, H899 shall not H3808 uncover H6544 (H853) his head, H7218 nor H3808 rend H6533 his clothes;H899

Lev 21:11 Neither H3808 shall he go in H935 to H5921 any H3605 dead H4191 body, H5315 nor H3808 defile himself H2930 for his father, H1 or for his mother;H517

Lev 21:12 Neither H3808 shall he go out H3318 of H4480 the sanctuary, H4720 nor H3808 profane H2490 (H853) the sanctuary H4720 of his God; H430 for H3588 the crown H5145 of the anointing H4888 oil H8081 of his God H430 is upon H5921 him: I H589 am the LORD.H3068

Lev 21:13 And he H1931 shall take H3947 a wife H802 in her virginity.H1331

Lev 21:14 A widow, H490 or a divorced woman, H1644 or profane, H2491 or an harlot, H2181 (H853) these H428 shall he not H3808 take: H3947 but H3588 H518 he shall take H3947 a virgin H1330 of his own people H4480 H5971 to wife.H802

Lev 21:15 Neither H3808 shall he profane H2490 his seed H2233 among his people: H5971 for H3588 I H589 the LORD H3068 do sanctify H6942 him.

Lev 21:17 Speak H1696 unto H413 Aaron, H175 saying, H559 Whosoever H376 H834 he be of thy seed H4480 H2233 in their generations H1755 that hath H1961 any blemish, H3971 let him not H3808 approach H7126 to offer H7126 the bread H3899 of his God.H430

Lev 21:18 For H3588 whatsoever H3605 man H376 he be that H834 hath a blemish, H3971 he shall not H3808 approach: H7126 a blind H5787 man, H376 or H176 a lame, H6455 or H176 he that hath a flat nose, H2763 or H176 any thing superfluous,H8311

Lev 21:19 Or H176 a man H376 that H834 is H1961 brokenfooted, H7667 H7272 or H176 brokenhanded, H7667 H3027

Lev 21:20 Or H176 crookbackt, H1384 or H176 a dwarf, H1851 or H176 that hath a blemish H8400 in his eye, H5869 or H176 be scurvy, H1618 or H176 scabbed, H3217 or H176 hath his stones H810 broken;H4790

Lev 21:21 No H3808 H3605 man H376 that H834 hath a blemish H3971 of the seed H4480 H2233 of Aaron H175 the priest H3548 shall come nigh H5066 to offer H7126 (H853) the offerings of the LORD made by fire: H801 H3068 he hath a blemish; H3971 he shall not H3808 come nigh H5066 to offer H7126 (H853) the bread H3899 of his God.H430

Lev 21:22 He shall eat H398 the bread H3899 of his God, H430 both of the most holy, H4480 H6944 H6944 and of H4480 the holy.H6944

Lev 21:23 Only H389 he shall not H3808 go in H935 unto H413 the vail, H6532 nor H3808 come nigh H5066 unto H413 the altar, H4196 because H3588 he hath a blemish; H3971 that he profane H2490 not H3808 (H853) my sanctuaries: H4720 for H3588 I H589 the LORD H3068 do sanctify H6942 them.

Lev 21:24 And Moses H4872 told H1696 it unto H413 Aaron, H175 and to H413 his sons, H1121 and unto H413 all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel.H3478

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