Malaquías  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

Mal 4:1 For, H3588 behold, H2009 the day H3117 cometh, H935 that shall burn H1197 as an oven; H8574 and all H3605 the proud, H2086 yea, and all H3605 that do H6213 wickedly, H7564 shall be H1961 stubble: H7179 and the day H3117 that cometh H935 shall burn them up, H3857 (H853) saith H559 the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 that H834 it shall leave H5800 them neither H3808 root H8328 nor branch.H6057

Mal 4:2 But unto you that fear H3373 my name H8034 shall the Sun H8121 of righteousness H6666 arise H2224 with healing H4832 in his wings; H3671 and ye shall go forth, H3318 and grow up H6335 as calves H5695 of the stall.H4770

Mal 4:3 And ye shall tread down H6072 the wicked; H7563 for H3588 they shall be H1961 ashes H665 under H8478 the soles H3709 of your feet H7272 in the day H3117 that H834 I H589 shall do H6213 this, saith H559 the LORD H3068 of hosts.H6635

Mal 4:4 Remember H2142 ye the law H8451 of Moses H4872 my servant, H5650 which H834 I commanded unto H6680 him in Horeb H2722 for H5921 all H3605 Israel, H3478 with the statutes H2706 and judgments.H4941

Mal 4:5 Behold, H2009 I H595 will send H7971 you(H853) Elijah H452 the prophet H5030 before H6440 the coming H935 of the great H1419 and dreadful H3372 day H3117 of the LORD:H3068

Mal 4:6 And he shall turn H7725 the heart H3820 of the fathers H1 to H5921 the children, H1121 and the heart H3820 of the children H1121 to H5921 their fathers, H1 lest H6435 I come H935 and smite H5221 (H853) the earth H776 with a curse.H2764

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