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Mat 17:1 And G2532 after G3326 six G1803 days G2250 Jesus G2424 taketh G3880 Peter, G4074 ( G2532) James, G2385 and G2532 John G2491 his G846 brother, G80 and G2532 bringeth them up G399 G846 into G1519 an high G5308 mountain G3735 apart, G2596 G2398

Mat 17:2 And G2532 was transfigured G3339 before G1715 them: G846 and G2532 his G846 face G4383 did shine G2989 as G5613 the G3588 sun, G2246 and G1161 his G846 raiment G2440 was G1096 white G3022 as G5613 the G3588 light.G5457

Mat 17:3 And, G2532 behold, G2400 there appeared G3700 unto them G846 Moses G3475 and G2532 Elias G2243 talking G4814 with G3326 him.G846

Mat 17:4 Then G1161 answered G611 Peter, G4074 and said G2036 unto Jesus, G2424 Lord, G2962 it is G2076 good G2570 for us G2248 to be G1511 here: G5602 if G1487 thou wilt, G2309 let us make G4160 here G5602 three G5140 tabernacles; G4633 one G3391 for thee, G4671 and G2532 one G3391 for Moses, G3475 and G2532 one G3391 for Elias.G2243

Mat 17:5 While he G846 yet G2089 spake, G2980 behold, G2400 a bright G5460 cloud G3507 overshadowed G1982 them: G846 and G2532 behold G2400 a voice G5456 out G1537 of the G3588 cloud, G3507 which said, G3004 This G3778 is G2076 my G3450 beloved G27 Son, G5207 in G1722 whom G3739 I am well pleased; G2106 hear G191 ye him.G846

Mat 17:6 And G2532 when the G3588 disciples G3101 heard G191 it, they fell G4098 on G1909 their G848 face, G4383 and G2532 were sore afraid. G5399 G4970

Mat 17:7 And G2532 Jesus G2424 came G4334 and touched G680 them, G846 and G2532 said, G2036 Arise, G1453 and G2532 be not afraid. G5399 G3361

Mat 17:8 And G1161 when they had lifted up G1869 their G848 eyes, G3788 they saw G1492 no man, G3762 save G1508 Jesus G2424 only.G3441

Mat 17:9 And G2532 as they G846 came down G2597 from G575 the G3588 mountain, G3735 Jesus G2424 charged G1781 them, G846 saying, G3004 Tell G2036 the G3588 vision G3705 to no man, G3367 until G2193 G302 the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 be risen again G450 from G1537 the dead.G3498

Mat 17:10 And G2532 his G846 disciples G3101 asked G1905 him, G846 saying, G3004 Why G5101 then G3767 say G3004 the G3588 scribes G1122 that G3754 Elias G2243 must G1163 first G4412 come?G2064

Mat 17:11 And G1161 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said G2036 unto them, G846 Elias G2243 truly G3303 shall first G4412 come, G2064 and G2532 restore G600 all things.G3956

Mat 17:12 But G1161 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 That G3754 Elias G2243 is come G2064 already, G2235 and G2532 they knew G1921 him G846 not, G3756 but G235 have done G4160 unto G1722 him G846 whatsoever G3745 they listed. G2309 Likewise G3779 shall G3195 also G2532 the G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 suffer G3958 of G5259 them.G846

Mat 17:13 Then G5119 the G3588 disciples G3101 understood G4920 that G3754 he spake G2036 unto them G846 of G4012 John G2491 the G3588 Baptist.G910

Mat 17:14 And G2532 when they G846 were come G2064 to G4314 the G3588 multitude, G3793 there came G4334 to him G846 a certain man, G444 kneeling down G1120 to him, G846 and G2532 saying,G3004

Mat 17:15 Lord, G2962 have mercy G1653 on my G3450 son: G5207 for G1063 he is lunatick, G4583 and G2532 sore G2560 vexed: G3958 for G3754 ofttimes G4178 he falleth G4098 into G1519 the G3588 fire, G4442 and G2532 oft G4178 into G1519 the G3588 water.G5204

Mat 17:16 And G2532 I brought G4374 him G846 to thy G4675 disciples, G3101 and G2532 they could G1410 not G3756 cure G2323 him.G846

Mat 17:17 Then G1161 Jesus G2424 answered G611 and said, G2036 O G5599 faithless G571 and G2532 perverse G1294 generation, G1074 how long G2193 G4219 shall I be G2071 with G3326 you? G5216 how long G2193 G4219 shall I suffer G430 you? G5216 bring G5342 him G846 hither G5602 to me.G3427

Mat 17:18 And G2532 Jesus G2424 rebuked G2008 the devil; G1140 and G2532 he G846 departed G1831 out of G575 him: G846 and G2532 the G3588 child G3816 was cured G2323 from G575 that very G1565 hour.G5610

Mat 17:19 Then G5119 came G4334 the G3588 disciples G3101 to Jesus G2424 apart, G2596 G2398 and said, G2036 Why G1302 could G1410 not G3756 we G2249 cast him out? G1544 G846

Mat 17:20 And G1161 Jesus G2424 said G2036 unto them, G846 Because G1223 of your G5216 unbelief: G570 for G1063 verily G281 I say G3004 unto you, G5213 If G1437 ye have G2192 faith G4102 as G5613 a grain G2848 of mustard seed, G4615 ye shall say G2046 unto this G5129 mountain, G3735 Remove G3327 hence G1782 to yonder place; G1563 and G2532 it shall remove; G3327 and G2532 nothing G3762 shall be impossible G101 unto you.G5213

Mat 17:22 And G1161 while they G846 abode G390 in G1722 Galilee, G1056 Jesus G2424 said G2036 unto them, G846 The G3588 Son G5207 of man G444 shall G3195 be betrayed G3860 into G1519 the hands G5495 of men:G444

Mat 17:23 And G2532 they shall kill G615 him, G846 and G2532 the G3588 third G5154 day G2250 he shall be raised again. G1453 And G2532 they were exceeding sorry. G3076 G4970

Mat 17:24 And G1161 when they G846 were come G2064 to G1519 Capernaum, G2584 they that received G2983 tribute G1323 money came G4334 to Peter, G4074 and G2532 said, G2036 Doth not G3756 your G5216 master G1320 pay G5055 tribute?G1323

Mat 17:25 He saith, G3004 Yes. G3483 And G2532 when G3753 he was come G1525 into G1519 the G3588 house, G3614 Jesus G2424 prevented G4399 him, G846 saying, G3004 What G5101 thinkest G1380 thou, G4671 Simon? G4613 of G575 whom G5101 do the G3588 kings G935 of the G3588 earth G1093 take G2983 custom G5056 or G2228 tribute? G2778 of G575 their own G848 children, G5207 or G2228 of G575 strangers?G245

Mat 17:26 Peter G4074 saith G3004 unto him, G846 Of G575 strangers. G245 Jesus G2424 saith G5346 unto him, G846 Then G686 are G1526 the G3588 children G5207 free.G1658

Mat 17:27 Notwithstanding, G1161 lest G3363 we should offend G4624 them, G846 go G4198 thou to G1519 the G3588 sea, G2281 and cast G906 an hook, G44 and G2532 take up G142 the fish G2486 that first G4413 cometh up; G305 and G2532 when thou hast opened G455 his G846 mouth, G4750 thou shalt find G2147 a piece of money: G4715 that G1565 take, G2983 and G2532 give G1325 unto them G846 for G473 me G1700 and G2532 thee.G4675

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