Miqueas  Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

Miq 3:1 And I said, H559 Hear, H8085 I pray you, H4994 O heads H7218 of Jacob, H3290 and ye princes H7101 of the house H1004 of Israel; H3478 Is it not H3808 for you to know H3045 (H853) judgment?H4941

Miq 3:2 Who hate H8130 the good, H2896 and love H157 the evil; H7451 who pluck off H1497 their skin H5785 from off H4480 H5921 them, and their flesh H7607 from off H4480 H5921 their bones;H6106

Miq 3:3 Who H834 also eat H398 the flesh H7607 of my people, H5971 and flay H6584 their skin H5785 from off H4480 H5921 them; and they break H6476 their bones, H6106 and chop them in pieces, H6566 as H834 for the pot, H5518 and as flesh H1320 within H8432 the caldron.H7037

Miq 3:4 Then H227 shall they cry H2199 unto H413 the LORD, H3068 but he will not H3808 hear H6030 them: he will even hide H5641 his face H6440 from H4480 them at that H1931 time, H6256 as H834 they have behaved themselves ill H7489 in their doings.H4611

Miq 3:5 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 concerning H5921 the prophets H5030 that make(H853) my people H5971 err, H8582 that bite H5391 with their teeth, H8127 and cry, H7121 Peace; H7965 and he that H834 putteth H5414 not H3808 into H5921 their mouths, H6310 they even prepare H6942 war H4421 against H5921 him.

Miq 3:6 Therefore H3651 night H3915 shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; H4480 H2377 and it shall be dark H2821 unto you, that ye shall not divine; H4480 H7080 and the sun H8121 shall go down H935 over H5921 the prophets, H5030 and the day H3117 shall be dark H6937 over H5921 them.

Miq 3:7 Then shall the seers H2374 be ashamed, H954 and the diviners H7080 confounded: H2659 yea, they shall all H3605 cover H5844 H5921 their lips; H8222 for H3588 there is no H369 answer H4617 of God.H430

Miq 3:8 But truly H199 I H595 am full H4390 of power H3581 by H854 the spirit H7307 of the LORD, H3068 and of judgment, H4941 and of might, H1369 to declare H5046 unto Jacob H3290 his transgression, H6588 and to Israel H3478 his sin.H2403

Miq 3:9 Hear H8085 this, H2063 I pray you, H4994 ye heads H7218 of the house H1004 of Jacob, H3290 and princes H7101 of the house H1004 of Israel, H3478 that abhor H8581 judgment, H4941 and pervert H6140 all H3605 equity.H3477

Miq 3:10 They build up H1129 Zion H6726 with blood, H1818 and Jerusalem H3389 with iniquity.H5766

Miq 3:11 The heads H7218 thereof judge H8199 for reward, H7810 and the priests H3548 thereof teach H3384 for hire, H4242 and the prophets H5030 thereof divine H7080 for money: H3701 yet will they lean H8172 upon H5921 the LORD, H3068 and say, H559 Is not H3808 the LORD H3068 among H7130 us? none H3808 evil H7451 can come H935 upon H5921 us.

Miq 3:12 Therefore H3651 shall Zion H6726 for your sake H1558 be plowed H2790 as a field, H7704 and Jerusalem H3389 shall become H1961 heaps, H5856 and the mountain H2022 of the house H1004 as the high places H1116 of the forest.H3293

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