Proverbios  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

Pro 8:1 Doth not H3808 wisdom H2451 cry? H7121 and understanding H8394 put forth H5414 her voice?H6963

Pro 8:2 She standeth H5324 in the top H7218 of high places, H4791 by H5921 the way H1870 in the places H1004 of the paths.H5410

Pro 8:3 She crieth H7442 at H3027 the gates, H8179 at the entry H6310 of the city, H7176 at the coming H3996 in at the doors.H6607

Pro 8:4 Unto H413 you, O men, H376 I call; H7121 and my voice H6963 is to H413 the sons H1121 of man.H120

Pro 8:5 O ye simple, H6612 understand H995 wisdom: H6195 and, ye fools, H3684 be ye of an understanding H995 heart.H3820

Pro 8:6 Hear; H8085 for H3588 I will speak H1696 of excellent things; H5057 and the opening H4669 of my lips H8193 shall be right things.H4339

Pro 8:7 For H3588 my mouth H2441 shall speak H1897 truth; H571 and wickedness H7562 is an abomination H8441 to my lips.H8193

Pro 8:8 All H3605 the words H561 of my mouth H6310 are in righteousness; H6664 there is nothing H369 froward H6617 or perverse H6141 in them.

Pro 8:9 They are all H3605 plain H5228 to him that understandeth, H995 and right H3477 to them that find H4672 knowledge.H1847

Pro 8:10 Receive H3947 my instruction, H4148 and not H408 silver; H3701 and knowledge H1847 rather than choice gold. H4480 H977 H2742

Pro 8:11 For H3588 wisdom H2451 is better H2896 than rubies; H4480 H6443 and all H3605 the things that may be desired H2656 are not H3808 to be compared H7737 to it.

Pro 8:12 I H589 wisdom H2451 dwell H7931 with prudence, H6195 and find out H4672 knowledge H1847 of witty inventions.H4209

Pro 8:13 The fear H3374 of the LORD H3068 is to hate H8130 evil: H7451 pride, H1344 and arrogancy, H1347 and the evil H7451 way, H1870 and the froward H8419 mouth, H6310 do I hate.H8130

Pro 8:14 Counsel H6098 is mine, and sound wisdom: H8454 I H589 am understanding; H998 I have strength.H1369

Pro 8:15 By me kings H4428 reign, H4427 and princes H7336 decree H2710 justice.H6664

Pro 8:16 By me princes H8269 rule, H8323 and nobles, H5081 even all H3605 the judges H8199 of the earth.H776

Pro 8:17 I H589 love H157 them that love H157 me; and those that seek me early H7836 shall find H4672 me.

Pro 8:18 Riches H6239 and honour H3519 are with H854 me; yea, durable H6276 riches H1952 and righteousness.H6666

Pro 8:19 My fruit H6529 is better H2896 than gold, H4480 H2742 yea, than fine gold; H4480 H6337 and my revenue H8393 than choice H977 silver. H4480 H3701

Pro 8:20 I lead H1980 in the way H734 of righteousness, H6666 in the midst H8432 of the paths H5410 of judgment:H4941

Pro 8:21 That I may cause those that love H157 me to inherit H5157 substance; H3426 and I will fill H4390 their treasures.H214

Pro 8:22 The LORD H3068 possessed H7069 me in the beginning H7225 of his way, H1870 before H6924 his works H4659 of old. H4480 H227

Pro 8:23 I was set up H5258 from everlasting, H4480 H5769 from the beginning, H4480 H7218 or ever H4480 H6924 the earth H776 was.

Pro 8:24 When there were no H369 depths, H8415 I was brought forth; H2342 when there were no H369 fountains H4599 abounding H3513 with water.H4325

Pro 8:25 Before H2962 the mountains H2022 were settled, H2883 before H6440 the hills H1389 was I brought forth:H2343

Pro 8:26 While as yet H5704 he had not H3808 made H6213 the earth, H776 nor the fields, H2351 nor the highest part H7218 of the dust H6083 of the world.H8398

Pro 8:27 When he prepared H3559 the heavens, H8064 I H589 was there: H8033 when he set H2710 a compass H2329 upon H5921 the face H6440 of the depth:H8415

Pro 8:28 When he established H553 the clouds H7834 above: H4480 H4605 when he strengthened H5810 the fountains H5869 of the deep:H8415

Pro 8:29 When he gave H7760 to the sea H3220 his decree, H2706 that the waters H4325 should not H3808 pass H5674 his commandment: H6310 when he appointed H2710 the foundations H4146 of the earth:H776

Pro 8:30 Then I was H1961 by H681 him, as one brought up H525 with him: and I was H1961 daily H3117 H3117 his delight, H8191 rejoicing H7832 always H3605 H6256 before H6440 him;

Pro 8:31 Rejoicing H7832 in the habitable part H8398 of his earth; H776 and my delights H8191 were with H854 the sons H1121 of men.H120

Pro 8:32 Now H6258 therefore hearken H8085 unto me, O ye children: H1121 for blessed H835 are they that keep H8104 my ways.H1870

Pro 8:33 Hear H8085 instruction, H4148 and be wise, H2449 and refuse H6544 it not.H408

Pro 8:34 Blessed H835 is the man H120 that heareth H8085 me, watching H8245 daily H3117 H3117 at H5921 my gates, H1817 waiting H8104 at the posts H4201 of my doors.H6607

Pro 8:35 For H3588 whoso findeth H4672 me findeth H4672 life, H2416 and shall obtain H6329 favour H7522 of the LORD. H4480 H3068

Pro 8:36 But he that sinneth against H2398 me wrongeth H2554 his own soul: H5315 all H3605 they that hate H8130 me love H157 death.H4194

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