Salmos  Capitulo 110 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 110:1 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The LORD H3068 said H5002 unto my Lord, H113 Sit H3427 thou at my right hand, H3225 until H5704 I make H7896 thine enemies H341 thy footstool. H1916 H7272

Sal 110:2 The LORD H3068 shall send H7971 the rod H4294 of thy strength H5797 out of Zion: H4480 H6726 rule H7287 thou in the midst H7130 of thine enemies.H341

Sal 110:3 Thy people H5971 shall be willing H5071 in the day H3117 of thy power, H2428 in the beauties H1926 of holiness H6944 from the womb H4480 H7358 of the morning: H4891 thou hast the dew H2919 of thy youth.H3208

Sal 110:4 The LORD H3068 hath sworn, H7650 and will not H3808 repent, H5162 Thou H859 art a priest H3548 for ever H5769 after H5921 the order H1700 of Melchizedek.H4442

Sal 110:5 The Lord H136 at H5921 thy right hand H3225 shall strike through H4272 kings H4428 in the day H3117 of his wrath.H639

Sal 110:6 He shall judge H1777 among the heathen, H1471 he shall fill H4390 the places with the dead bodies; H1472 he shall wound H4272 the heads H7218 over H5921 many H7227 countries.H776

Sal 110:7 He shall drink H8354 of the brook H4480 H5158 in the way: H1870 therefore H5921 H3651 shall he lift up H7311 the head.H7218

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