Salmos  Capitulo 112 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 112:1 Praise H1984 ye the LORD. H3050 Blessed H835 is the man H376 that feareth H3372 (H853) the LORD, H3068 that delighteth H2654 greatly H3966 in his commandments.H4687

Sal 112:2 His seed H2233 shall be H1961 mighty H1368 upon earth: H776 the generation H1755 of the upright H3477 shall be blessed.H1288

Sal 112:3 Wealth H1952 and riches H6239 shall be in his house: H1004 and his righteousness H6666 endureth H5975 for ever.H5703

Sal 112:4 Unto the upright H3477 there ariseth H2224 light H216 in the darkness: H2822 he is gracious, H2587 and full of compassion, H7349 and righteous.H6662

Sal 112:5 A good H2896 man H376 sheweth favour, H2603 and lendeth: H3867 he will guide H3557 his affairs H1697 with discretion.H4941

Sal 112:6 Surely H3588 he shall not H3808 be moved H4131 for ever: H5769 the righteous H6662 shall be H1961 in everlasting H5769 remembrance.H2143

Sal 112:7 He shall not H3808 be afraid H3372 of evil H7451 tidings: H4480 H8052 his heart H3820 is fixed, H3559 trusting H982 in the LORD.H3068

Sal 112:8 His heart H3820 is established, H5564 he shall not H3808 be afraid, H3372 until H5704 H834 he see H7200 his desire upon his enemies.H6862

Sal 112:9 He hath dispersed, H6340 he hath given H5414 to the poor; H34 his righteousness H6666 endureth H5975 for ever; H5703 his horn H7161 shall be exalted H7311 with honour.H3519

Sal 112:10 The wicked H7563 shall see H7200 it, and be grieved; H3707 he shall gnash H2786 with his teeth, H8127 and melt away: H4549 the desire H8378 of the wicked H7563 shall perish.H6

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