Salmos  Capitulo 114 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 114:1 When Israel H3478 went out H3318 of Egypt, H4480 H4714 the house H1004 of Jacob H3290 from a people H4480 H5971 of strange language;H3937

Sal 114:2 Judah H3063 was H1961 his sanctuary, H6944 and Israel H3478 his dominion.H4475

Sal 114:3 The sea H3220 saw H7200 it, and fled: H5127 Jordan H3383 was driven H5437 back.H268

Sal 114:4 The mountains H2022 skipped H7540 like rams, H352 and the little hills H1389 like lambs. H1121 H6629

Sal 114:5 What H4100 ailed thee, O thou sea, H3220 that H3588 thou fleddest? H5127 thou Jordan, H3383 that thou wast driven H5437 back?H268

Sal 114:6 Ye mountains, H2022 that ye skipped H7540 like rams; H352 and ye little hills, H1389 like lambs? H1121 H6629

Sal 114:7 Tremble, H2342 thou earth, H776 at the presence H4480 H6440 of the Lord, H113 at the presence H4480 H6440 of the God H433 of Jacob;H3290

Sal 114:8 Which turned H2015 the rock H6697 into a standing H98 water, H4325 the flint H2496 into a fountain H4599 of waters.H4325

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