Salmos  Capitulo 130 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 130:1 A Song H7892 of degrees. H4609 Out of the depths H4480 H4615 have I cried H7121 unto thee, O LORD.H3068

Sal 130:2 Lord, H136 hear H8085 my voice: H6963 let thine ears H241 be H1961 attentive H7183 to the voice H6963 of my supplications.H8469

Sal 130:3 If H518 thou, LORD, H3050 shouldest mark H8104 iniquities, H5771 O Lord, H136 who H4310 shall stand?H5975

Sal 130:4 But H3588 there is forgiveness H5547 with H5973 thee, that H4616 thou mayest be feared.H3372

Sal 130:5 I wait for H6960 the LORD, H3068 my soul H5315 doth wait, H6960 and in his word H1697 do I hope.H3176

Sal 130:6 My soul H5315 waiteth for the Lord H136 more than they that watch H4480 H8104 for the morning: H1242 I say, more than they that watch H8104 for the morning.H1242

Sal 130:7 Let Israel H3478 hope H3176 in H413 the LORD: H3068 for H3588 with H5973 the LORD H3068 there is mercy, H2617 and with H5973 him is plenteous H7235 redemption.H6304

Sal 130:8 And he H1931 shall redeem H6299 (H853) Israel H3478 from all H4480 H3605 his iniquities.H5771

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