Salmos  Capitulo 137 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 137:1 By H5921 the rivers H5104 of Babylon, H894 there H8033 we sat down, H3427 yea, H1571 we wept, H1058 when we remembered H2142 (H853) Zion.H6726

Sal 137:2 We hanged H8518 our harps H3658 upon H5921 the willows H6155 in the midst H8432 thereof.

Sal 137:3 For H3588 there H8033 they that carried us away captive H7617 required H7592 of us a song; H1697 H7892 and they that wasted H8437 us required of us mirth, H8057 saying, Sing H7891 us one of the songs H4480 H7892 of Zion.H6726

Sal 137:4 How H349 shall we sing H7891 (H853) the LORD'S H3068 song H7892 in H5921 a strange H5236 land?H127

Sal 137:5 If H518 I forget H7911 thee, O Jerusalem, H3389 let my right hand H3225 forget H7911 her cunning.

Sal 137:6 If H518 I do not H3808 remember H2142 thee, let my tongue H3956 cleave H1692 to the roof of my mouth; H2441 if H518 I prefer H5927 not H3808 (H853) Jerusalem H3389 above H5921 my chief H7218 joy.H8057

Sal 137:7 Remember, H2142 O LORD, H3068 the children H1121 of Edom H123 (H853) in the day H3117 of Jerusalem; H3389 who said, H559 Rase H6168 it, rase H6168 it, even to H5704 the foundation H3247 thereof.

Sal 137:8 O daughter H1323 of Babylon, H894 who art to be destroyed; H7703 happy H835 shall he be, that rewardeth H7945 H7999 thee as H854 H1576 thou hast served H7945 H1580 us.

Sal 137:9 Happy H835 shall he be, that taketh H7945 H270 and dasheth H5310 (H853) thy little ones H5768 against H413 the stones.H5553

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