Salmos  Capitulo 149 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 149:1 Praise H1984 ye the LORD. H3050 Sing H7891 unto the LORD H3068 a new H2319 song, H7892 and his praise H8416 in the congregation H6951 of saints.H2623

Sal 149:2 Let Israel H3478 rejoice H8055 in him that made H6213 him: let the children H1121 of Zion H6726 be joyful H1523 in their King.H4428

Sal 149:3 Let them praise H1984 his name H8034 in the dance: H4234 let them sing praises H2167 unto him with the timbrel H8596 and harp.H3658

Sal 149:4 For H3588 the LORD H3068 taketh pleasure H7521 in his people: H5971 he will beautify H6286 the meek H6035 with salvation.H3444

Sal 149:5 Let the saints H2623 be joyful H5937 in glory: H3519 let them sing aloud H7442 upon H5921 their beds.H4904

Sal 149:6 Let the high H7318 praises of God H410 be in their mouth, H1627 and a twoedged H6374 sword H2719 in their hand;H3027

Sal 149:7 To execute H6213 vengeance H5360 upon the heathen, H1471 and punishments H8433 upon the people;H3816

Sal 149:8 To bind H631 their kings H4428 with chains, H2131 and their nobles H3513 with fetters H3525 of iron;H1270

Sal 149:9 To execute H6213 upon them the judgment H4941 written: H3789 this H1931 honour H1926 have all H3605 his saints. H2623 Praise H1984 ye the LORD.H3050

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