Salmos  Capitulo 39 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 39:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 even to Jeduthun, H3038 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 I said, H559 I will take heed H8104 to my ways, H1870 that I sin not H4480 H2398 with my tongue: H3956 I will keep H8104 my mouth H6310 with a bridle, H4269 while H5750 the wicked H7563 is before H5048 me.

Sal 39:2 I was dumb H481 with silence, H1747 I held my peace, H2814 even from good; H4480 H2896 and my sorrow H3511 was stirred.H5916

Sal 39:3 My heart H3820 was hot H2552 within H7130 me, while I was musing H1901 the fire H784 burned: H1197 then spake H1696 I with my tongue,H3956

Sal 39:4 LORD, H3068 make me to know H3045 mine end, H7093 and the measure H4060 of my days, H3117 what H4100 it H1931 is; that I may know H3045 how H4100 frail H2310 I H589 am.

Sal 39:5 Behold, H2009 thou hast made H5414 my days H3117 as an handbreadth; H2947 and mine age H2465 is as nothing H369 before H5048 thee: verily H389 every H3605 man H120 at his best state H5324 is altogether H3605 vanity. H1892 Selah.H5542

Sal 39:6 Surely H389 every man H376 walketh H1980 in a vain shew: H6754 surely H389 they are disquieted H1993 in vain: H1892 he heapeth up H6651 riches, and knoweth H3045 not H3808 who H4310 shall gather H622 them.

Sal 39:7 And now, H6258 Lord, H136 what H4100 wait H6960 I for? my hope H8431 is in thee.

Sal 39:8 Deliver H5337 me from all H4480 H3605 my transgressions: H6588 make H7760 me not H408 the reproach H2781 of the foolish.H5036

Sal 39:10 Remove H5493 thy stroke H5061 away from H4480 H5921 me: I H589 am consumed H3615 by the blow H4480 H8409 of thine hand.H3027

Sal 39:11 When thou with rebukes H8433 dost correct H3256 man H376 for H5921 iniquity, H5771 thou makest his beauty H2530 to consume away H4529 like a moth: H6211 surely H389 every H3605 man H120 is vanity. H1892 Selah.H5542

Sal 39:12 Hear H8085 my prayer, H8605 O LORD, H3068 and give ear H238 unto my cry; H7775 hold not thy peace H2790 H408 at H413 my tears: H1832 for H3588 I H595 am a stranger H1616 with H5973 thee, and a sojourner, H8453 as all H3605 my fathers H1 were.

Sal 39:13 O spare H8159 H4480 me, that I may recover strength, H1082 before H2962 I go H1980 hence, and be no H369 more.

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