Salmos  Capitulo 55 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 55:1 To the chief Musician H5329 on Neginoth, H5058 Maschil, H4905 A Psalm of David. H1732 Give ear H238 to my prayer, H8605 O God; H430 and hide not thyself H408 H5956 from my supplication. H4480 H8467

Sal 55:2 Attend H7181 unto me, and hear H6030 me: I mourn H7300 in my complaint, H7879 and make a noise;H1949

Sal 55:3 Because of the voice H4480 H6963 of the enemy, H341 because H4480 H6440 of the oppression H6125 of the wicked: H7563 for H3588 they cast H4131 iniquity H205 upon H5921 me, and in wrath H639 they hate H7852 me.

Sal 55:4 My heart H3820 is sore pained H2342 within H7130 me: and the terrors H367 of death H4194 are fallen H5307 upon H5921 me.

Sal 55:5 Fearfulness H3374 and trembling H7461 are come H935 upon me, and horror H6427 hath overwhelmed H3680 me.

Sal 55:6 And I said, H559 Oh that H4310 I had H5414 wings H83 like a dove! H3123 for then would I fly away, H5774 and be at rest.H7931

Sal 55:7 Lo, H2009 then would I wander H5074 far off, H7368 and remain H3885 in the wilderness. H4057 Selah.H5542

Sal 55:8 I would hasten H2363 my escape H4655 from the windy H4480 H7307 storm H5584 and tempest. H4480 H5591

Sal 55:9 Destroy, H1104 O Lord, H136 and divide H6385 their tongues: H3956 for H3588 I have seen H7200 violence H2555 and strife H7379 in the city.H5892

Sal 55:10 Day H3119 and night H3915 they go about H5437 it upon H5921 the walls H2346 thereof: mischief H205 also and sorrow H5999 are in the midst H7130 of it.

Sal 55:11 Wickedness H1942 is in the midst H7130 thereof: deceit H8496 and guile H4820 depart H4185 not H3808 from H4480 her streets.H7339

Sal 55:12 For H3588 it was not H3808 an enemy H341 that reproached H2778 me; then I could have borne H5375 it: neither H3808 was it he that hated H8130 me that did magnify H1431 himself against H5921 me; then I would have hid myself H5641 from H4480 him:

Sal 55:13 But it was thou, H859 a man H582 mine equal, H6187 my guide, H441 and mine acquaintance.H3045

Sal 55:14 We took sweet H4985 counsel H5475 together, H3162 and walked H1980 unto the house H1004 of God H430 in company.H7285

Sal 55:15 Let death H4194 seize H5377 upon H5921 them, and let them go down H3381 quick H2416 into hell: H7585 for H3588 wickedness H7451 is in their dwellings, H4033 and among H7130 them.

Sal 55:16 As for me, I H589 will call H7121 upon H413 God; H430 and the LORD H3068 shall save H3467 me.

Sal 55:17 Evening, H6153 and morning, H1242 and at noon, H6672 will I pray, H7878 and cry aloud: H1993 and he shall hear H8085 my voice.H6963

Sal 55:18 He hath delivered H6299 my soul H5315 in peace H7965 from the battle H4480 H7128 that was against me: for H3588 there were H1961 many H7227 with H5978 me.

Sal 55:19 God H410 shall hear, H8085 and afflict H6031 them, even he that abideth H3427 of old. H6924 Selah. H5542 Because H834 they have no H369 changes, H2487 therefore they fear H3372 not H3808 God.H430

Sal 55:20 He hath put forth H7971 his hands H3027 against such as be at peace H7965 with him: he hath broken H2490 his covenant.H1285

Sal 55:21 The words of his mouth H6310 were smoother H2505 than butter, H4260 but war H7128 was in his heart: H3820 his words H1697 were softer H7401 than oil, H4480 H8081 yet were they H1992 drawn swords.H6609

Sal 55:22 Cast H7993 thy burden H3053 upon H5921 the LORD, H3068 and he H1931 shall sustain H3557 thee: he shall never H3808 H5769 suffer H5414 the righteous H6662 to be moved.H4131

Sal 55:23 But thou, H859 O God, H430 shalt bring them down H3381 into the pit H875 of destruction: H7845 bloody H1818 and deceitful H4820 men H376 shall not H3808 live out half H2673 their days; H3117 but I H589 will trust H982 in thee.

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