Salmos  Capitulo 60 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 60:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Shushaneduth, H7802 Michtam H4387 of David, H1732 to teach; H3925 when he strove with H5327 (H853) Aramnaharaim H763 and with Aramzobah, H760 when Joab H3097 returned, H7725 and smote H5221 of(H853) Edom H123 in the valley H1516 of salt H4417 twelve H8147 H6240 thousand. H505 O God, H430 thou hast cast us off, H2186 thou hast scattered H6555 us, thou hast been displeased; H599 O turn H7725 thyself to us again.

Sal 60:2 Thou hast made the earth H776 to tremble; H7493 thou hast broken H6480 it: heal H7495 the breaches H7667 thereof; for H3588 it shaketh.H4131

Sal 60:3 Thou hast shewed H7200 thy people H5971 hard H7186 things: thou hast made us to drink H8248 the wine H3196 of astonishment.H8653

Sal 60:4 Thou hast given H5414 a banner H5251 to them that fear H3373 thee, that it may be displayed H5127 because H4480 H6440 of the truth. H7189 Selah.H5542

Sal 60:5 That H4616 thy beloved H3039 may be delivered; H2502 save H3467 with thy right hand, H3225 and hear H6030 me.

Sal 60:6 God H430 hath spoken H1696 in his holiness; H6944 I will rejoice, H5937 I will divide H2505 Shechem, H7927 and mete out H4058 the valley H6010 of Succoth.H5523

Sal 60:7 Gilead H1568 is mine, and Manasseh H4519 is mine; Ephraim H669 also is the strength H4581 of mine head; H7218 Judah H3063 is my lawgiver;H2710

Sal 60:8 Moab H4124 is my washpot; H5518 H7366 over H5921 Edom H123 will I cast out H7993 my shoe: H5275 Philistia, H6429 triumph H7321 thou because H5921 of me.

Sal 60:9 Who H4310 will bring H2986 me into the strong H4692 city? H5892 who H4310 will lead H5148 me into H5704 Edom?H123

Sal 60:10 Wilt not H3808 thou, H859 O God, H430 which hadst cast us off? H2186 and thou, O God, H430 which didst not H3808 go out H3318 with our armies?H6635

Sal 60:11 Give H3051 us help H5833 from trouble: H4480 H6862 for vain H7723 is the help H8668 of man.H120

Sal 60:12 Through God H430 we shall do H6213 valiantly: H2428 for he H1931 it is that shall tread down H947 our enemies.H6862

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