Salmos  Capitulo 66 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 66:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Song H7892 or Psalm. H4210 Make a joyful noise H7321 unto God, H430 all H3605 ye lands:H776

Sal 66:2 Sing forth H2167 the honour H3519 of his name: H8034 make H7760 his praise H8416 glorious.H3519

Sal 66:3 Say H559 unto God, H430 How H4100 terrible H3372 art thou in thy works! H4639 through the greatness H7230 of thy power H5797 shall thine enemies H341 submit H3584 themselves unto thee.

Sal 66:4 All H3605 the earth H776 shall worship H7812 thee, and shall sing H2167 unto thee; they shall sing H2167 to thy name. H8034 Selah.H5542

Sal 66:5 Come H1980 and see H7200 the works H4659 of God: H430 he is terrible H3372 in his doing H5949 toward H5921 the children H1121 of men.H120

Sal 66:6 He turned H2015 the sea H3220 into dry H3004 land: they went H5674 through the flood H5104 on foot: H7272 there H8033 did we rejoice H8055 in him.

Sal 66:7 He ruleth H4910 by his power H1369 for ever; H5769 his eyes H5869 behold H6822 the nations: H1471 let not H408 the rebellious H5637 exalt H7311 themselves. Selah.H5542

Sal 66:8 O bless H1288 our God, H430 ye people, H5971 and make the voice H6963 of his praise H8416 to be heard:H8085

Sal 66:9 Which holdeth H7760 our soul H5315 in life, H2416 and suffereth H5414 not H3808 our feet H7272 to be moved.H4132

Sal 66:10 For H3588 thou, O God, H430 hast proved H974 us: thou hast tried H6884 us, as silver H3701 is tried.H6884

Sal 66:11 Thou broughtest H935 us into the net; H4686 thou laidst H7760 affliction H4157 upon our loins.H4975

Sal 66:12 Thou hast caused men H582 to ride H7392 over our heads; H7218 we went H935 through fire H784 and through water: H4325 but thou broughtest us out H3318 into a wealthy H7310 place.

Sal 66:13 I will go H935 into thy house H1004 with burnt offerings: H5930 I will pay H7999 thee my vows,H5088

Sal 66:14 Which H834 my lips H8193 have uttered, H6475 and my mouth H6310 hath spoken, H1696 when I was in trouble.H6862

Sal 66:15 I will offer H5927 unto thee burnt sacrifices H5930 of fatlings, H4220 with H5973 the incense H7004 of rams; H352 I will offer H6213 bullocks H1241 with H5973 goats. H6260 Selah.H5542

Sal 66:16 Come H1980 and hear, H8085 all H3605 ye that fear H3373 God, H430 and I will declare H5608 what H834 he hath done H6213 for my soul.H5315

Sal 66:17 I cried H7121 unto H413 him with my mouth, H6310 and he was extolled H7318 with H8478 my tongue.H3956

Sal 66:18 If H518 I regard H7200 iniquity H205 in my heart, H3820 the Lord H136 will not H3808 hear H8085 me:

Sal 66:19 But verily H403 God H430 hath heard H8085 me; he hath attended H7181 to the voice H6963 of my prayer.H8605

Sal 66:20 Blessed H1288 be God, H430 which H834 hath not H3808 turned away H5493 my prayer, H8605 nor his mercy H2617 from H4480 H854 me.

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