Salmos  Capitulo 93 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 93:1 The LORD H3068 reigneth, H4427 he is clothed H3847 with majesty; H1348 the LORD H3068 is clothed H3847 with strength, H5797 wherewith he hath girded himself: H247 the world H8398 also H637 is stablished, H3559 that it cannot H1077 be moved.H4131

Sal 93:2 Thy throne H3678 is established H3559 of old: H4480 H227 thou H859 art from everlasting. H4480 H5769

Sal 93:3 The floods H5104 have lifted up, H5375 O LORD, H3068 the floods H5104 have lifted up H5375 their voice; H6963 the floods H5104 lift up H5375 their waves.H1796

Sal 93:4 The LORD H3068 on high H4791 is mightier H117 than the noise H4480 H6963 of many H7227 waters, H4325 yea, than the mighty H117 waves H4867 of the sea.H3220

Sal 93:5 Thy testimonies H5713 are very H3966 sure: H539 holiness H6944 becometh H4998 thine house, H1004 O LORD, H3068 for ever. H753 H3117

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