Salmos  Capitulo 96 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 96:1 O sing H7891 unto the LORD H3068 a new H2319 song: H7892 sing H7891 unto the LORD, H3068 all H3605 the earth.H776

Sal 96:2 Sing H7891 unto the LORD, H3068 bless H1288 his name; H8034 shew forth H1319 his salvation H3444 from day H4480 H3117 to day.H3117

Sal 96:3 Declare H5608 his glory H3519 among the heathen, H1471 his wonders H6381 among all H3605 people.H5971

Sal 96:4 For H3588 the LORD H3068 is great, H1419 and greatly H3966 to be praised: H1984 he H1931 is to be feared H3372 above H5921 all H3605 gods.H430

Sal 96:5 For H3588 all H3605 the gods H430 of the nations H5971 are idols: H457 but the LORD H3068 made H6213 the heavens.H8064

Sal 96:6 Honour H1935 and majesty H1926 are before H6440 him: strength H5797 and beauty H8597 are in his sanctuary.H4720

Sal 96:7 Give H3051 unto the LORD, H3068 O ye kindreds H4940 of the people, H5971 give H3051 unto the LORD H3068 glory H3519 and strength.H5797

Sal 96:8 Give H3051 unto the LORD H3068 the glory H3519 due unto his name: H8034 bring H5375 an offering, H4503 and come H935 into his courts.H2691

Sal 96:9 O worship H7812 the LORD H3068 in the beauty H1927 of holiness: H6944 fear H2342 before H4480 H6440 him, all H3605 the earth.H776

Sal 96:10 Say H559 among the heathen H1471 that the LORD H3068 reigneth: H4427 the world H8398 also H637 shall be established H3559 that it shall not H1077 be moved: H4131 he shall judge H1777 the people H5971 righteously.H4339

Sal 96:11 Let the heavens H8064 rejoice, H8055 and let the earth H776 be glad; H1523 let the sea H3220 roar, H7481 and the fulness H4393 thereof.

Sal 96:12 Let the field H7704 be joyful, H5937 and all H3605 that H834 is therein: then H227 shall all H3605 the trees H6086 of the wood H3293 rejoiceH7442

Sal 96:13 Before H6440 the LORD: H3068 for H3588 he cometh, H935 for H3588 he cometh H935 to judge H8199 the earth: H776 he shall judge H8199 the world H8398 with righteousness, H6664 and the people H5971 with his truth.H530

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