2 Crónicas  Capitulo 1 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Cr 1:1 And Solomon H8010 the son H1121 of David H1732 was strengthened H2388 in H5921 his kingdom, H4438 and the LORD H3068 his God H430 was with H5973 him, and magnified H1431 him exceedingly.H4605

2Cr 1:2 Then Solomon H8010 spake H559 unto all H3605 Israel, H3478 to the captains H8269 of thousands H505 and of hundreds, H3967 and to the judges, H8199 and to every H3605 governor H5387 in all H3605 Israel, H3478 the chief H7218 of the fathers.H1

2Cr 1:3 So Solomon, H8010 and all H3605 the congregation H6951 with H5973 him, went H1980 to the high place H1116 that H834 was at Gibeon; H1391 for H3588 there H8033 was H1961 the tabernacle H168 of the congregation H4150 of God, H430 which H834 Moses H4872 the servant H5650 of the LORD H3068 had made H6213 in the wilderness.H4057

2Cr 1:4 But H61 the ark H727 of God H430 had David H1732 brought up H5927 from Kirjathjearim H4480 H7157 to the place which David H1732 had prepared H3559 for it: for H3588 he had pitched H5186 a tent H168 for it at Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 1:5 Moreover the brasen H5178 altar, H4196 that H834 Bezaleel H1212 the son H1121 of Uri, H221 the son H1121 of Hur, H2354 had made, H6213 he put H7760 before H6440 the tabernacle H4908 of the LORD: H3068 and Solomon H8010 and the congregation H6951 sought H1875 unto it.

2Cr 1:6 And Solomon H8010 went up H5927 thither H8033 to H5921 the brasen H5178 altar H4196 before H6440 the LORD, H3068 which H834 was at the tabernacle H168 of the congregation, H4150 and offered H5927 a thousand H505 burnt offerings H5930 upon H5921 it.

2Cr 1:7 In that H1931 night H3915 did God H430 appear H7200 unto Solomon, H8010 and said H559 unto him, Ask H7592 what H4100 I shall give H5414 thee.

2Cr 1:8 And Solomon H8010 said H559 unto God, H430 Thou H859 hast shewed H6213 great H1419 mercy H2617 unto H5973 David H1732 my father, H1 and hast made me to reign H4427 in his stead.H8478

2Cr 1:9 Now, H6258 O LORD H3068 God, H430 let thy promise H1697 unto H5973 David H1732 my father H1 be established: H539 for H3588 thou H859 hast made me king H4427 over H5921 a people H5971 like the dust H6083 of the earth H776 in multitude.H7227

2Cr 1:10 Give H5414 me now H6258 wisdom H2451 and knowledge, H4093 that I may go out H3318 and come in H935 before H6440 this H2088 people: H5971 for H3588 who H4310 can judge H8199 this H2088 (H853) thy people, H5971 that is so great?H1419

2Cr 1:11 And God H430 said H559 to Solomon, H8010 Because H3282 H834 this H2063 was H1961 in H5973 thine heart, H3824 and thou hast not H3808 asked H7592 riches, H6239 wealth, H5233 or honour, H3519 nor the life H5315 of thine enemies, H8130 neither H3808 yet H1571 hast asked H7592 long life; H7227 H3117 but hast asked H7592 wisdom H2451 and knowledge H4093 for thyself, that H834 thou mayest judge H8199 (H853) my people, H5971 over H5921 whom H834 I have made thee king:H4427

2Cr 1:12 Wisdom H2451 and knowledge H4093 is granted H5414 unto thee; and I will give H5414 thee riches, H6239 and wealth, H5233 and honour, H3519 such as H834 H3651 none H3808 of the kings H4428 have had H1961 that H834 have been before H6440 thee, neither H3808 shall there any after H310 thee have H1961 the like.H3651

2Cr 1:13 Then Solomon H8010 came H935 from his journey to the high place H1116 that H834 was at Gibeon H1391 to Jerusalem, H3389 from before H4480 H6440 the tabernacle H168 of the congregation, H4150 and reigned H4427 over H5921 Israel.H3478

2Cr 1:14 And Solomon H8010 gathered H622 chariots H7393 and horsemen: H6571 and he had H1961 a thousand H505 and four H702 hundred H3967 chariots, H7393 and twelve H8147 H6240 thousand H505 horsemen, H6571 which he placed H5117 in the chariot H7393 cities, H5892 and with H5973 the king H4428 at Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 1:15 And the king H4428 made H5414 (H853) silver H3701 and gold H2091 at Jerusalem H3389 as plenteous as stones, H68 and cedar trees H730 made H5414 he as the sycomore trees H8256 that H834 are in the vale H8219 for abundance.H7230

2Cr 1:16 And Solomon H8010 had horses H5483 brought out H4161 of Egypt, H4480 H4714 and linen yarn: H4723 the king's H4428 merchants H5503 received H3947 the linen yarn H4723 at a price.H4242

2Cr 1:17 And they fetched up, H5927 and brought forth H3318 out of Egypt H4480 H4714 a chariot H4818 for six H8337 hundred H3967 shekels of silver, H3701 and an horse H5483 for an hundred H3967 and fifty: H2572 and so H3651 brought they out H3318 horses for all H3605 the kings H4428 of the Hittites, H2850 and for the kings H4428 of Syria, H758 by their means.H3027

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