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2Cr 13:1 Now in the eighteenth H8083 H6240 year H8141 of king H4428 Jeroboam H3379 began Abijah H29 to reign H4427 over H5921 Judah.H3063

2Cr 13:2 He reigned H4427 three H7969 years H8141 in Jerusalem. H3389 His mother's H517 name H8034 also was Michaiah H4322 the daughter H1323 of Uriel H222 of H4480 Gibeah. H1390 And there was H1961 war H4421 between H996 Abijah H29 and Jeroboam.H3379

2Cr 13:3 And Abijah H29 set H631 (H853) the battle H4421 in array with an army H2428 of valiant men H1368 of war, H4421 even four H702 hundred H3967 thousand H505 chosen H977 men: H376 Jeroboam H3379 also set the battle in array H6186 H4421 against H5973 him with eight H8083 hundred H3967 thousand H505 chosen H977 men, H376 being mighty men H1368 of valour.H2428

2Cr 13:4 And Abijah H29 stood up H6965 upon H4480 H5921 mount H2022 Zemaraim, H6787 which H834 is in mount H2022 Ephraim, H669 and said, H559 Hear H8085 me, thou Jeroboam, H3379 and all H3605 Israel;H3478

2Cr 13:5 Ought ye not H3808 to know H3045 that H3588 the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel H3478 gave H5414 the kingdom H4467 over H5921 Israel H3478 to David H1732 for ever, H5769 even to him and to his sons H1121 by a covenant H1285 of salt?H4417

2Cr 13:6 Yet Jeroboam H3379 the son H1121 of Nebat, H5028 the servant H5650 of Solomon H8010 the son H1121 of David, H1732 is risen up, H6965 and hath rebelled H4775 against H5921 his lord.H113

2Cr 13:7 And there are gathered H6908 unto H5921 him vain H7386 men, H376 the children H1121 of Belial, H1100 and have strengthened themselves H553 against H5921 Rehoboam H7346 the son H1121 of Solomon, H8010 when Rehoboam H7346 was H1961 young H5288 and tenderhearted, H7390 H3824 and could not H3808 withstand H2388 H6440 them.

2Cr 13:8 And now H6258 ye H859 think H559 to withstand H2388 the kingdom H4467 of the LORD H3068 in the hand H3027 of the sons H1121 of David; H1732 and ye H859 be a great H7227 multitude, H1995 and there are with H5973 you golden H2091 calves, H5695 which H834 Jeroboam H3379 made H6213 you for gods.H430

2Cr 13:9 Have ye not H3808 cast out H5080 (H853) the priests H3548 of the LORD, H3068 (H853) the sons H1121 of Aaron, H175 and the Levites, H3881 and have made H6213 you priests H3548 after the manner of the nations H5971 of other lands? H776 so that whosoever H3605 cometh H935 to consecrate H4390 H3027 himself with a young H1121 H1241 bullock H6499 and seven H7651 rams, H352 the same may be H1961 a priest H3548 of them that are no H3808 gods.H430

2Cr 13:10 But as for us, H587 the LORD H3068 is our God, H430 and we have not H3808 forsaken H5800 him; and the priests, H3548 which minister H8334 unto the LORD, H3068 are the sons H1121 of Aaron, H175 and the Levites H3881 wait upon their business:H4399

2Cr 13:11 And they burn H6999 unto the LORD H3068 every morning H1242 H1242 and every evening H6153 H6153 burnt sacrifices H5930 and sweet H5561 incense: H7004 the shewbread H3899 H4635 also set they in order upon H5921 the pure H2889 table; H7979 and the candlestick H4501 of gold H2091 with the lamps H5216 thereof, to burn H1197 every evening: H6153 H6153 for H3588 we H587 keep H8104 (H853) the charge H4931 of the LORD H3068 our God; H430 but ye H859 have forsaken H5800 him.

2Cr 13:12 And, behold, H2009 God H430 himself is with H5973 us for our captain, H7218 and his priests H3548 with sounding H8643 trumpets H2689 to cry alarm H7321 against H5921 you. O children H1121 of Israel, H3478 fight H3898 ye not H408 against H5973 the LORD H3068 God H430 of your fathers; H1 for H3588 ye shall not H3808 prosper.H6743

2Cr 13:13 But Jeroboam H3379 caused H5437 (H853) an ambushment H3993 to come about H935 behind H4480 H310 them: so they were H1961 before H6440 Judah, H3063 and the ambushment H3993 was behind H4480 H310 them.

2Cr 13:14 And when Judah H3063 looked back, H6437 behold, H2009 the battle H4421 was before H6440 and behind: H268 and they cried H6817 unto the LORD, H3068 and the priests H3548 sounded H2690 with the trumpets.H2689

2Cr 13:15 Then the men H376 of Judah H3063 gave a shout: H7321 and as the men H376 of Judah H3063 shouted, H7321 it came to pass, H1961 that God H430 smote H5062 (H853) Jeroboam H3379 and all H3605 Israel H3478 before H6440 Abijah H29 and Judah.H3063

2Cr 13:16 And the children H1121 of Israel H3478 fled H5127 before H4480 H6440 Judah: H3063 and God H430 delivered H5414 them into their hand.H3027

2Cr 13:17 And Abijah H29 and his people H5971 slew H5221 them with a great H7227 slaughter: H4347 so there fell down H5307 slain H2491 of Israel H4480 H3478 five H2568 hundred H3967 thousand H505 chosen H977 men.H376

2Cr 13:18 Thus the children H1121 of Israel H3478 were brought under H3665 at that H1931 time, H6256 and the children H1121 of Judah H3063 prevailed, H553 because H3588 they relied H8172 upon H5921 the LORD H3068 God H430 of their fathers.H1

2Cr 13:19 And Abijah H29 pursued H7291 after H310 Jeroboam, H3379 and took H3920 cities H5892 from H4480 him,(H853) Bethel H1008 with H854 the towns H1323 thereof, and Jeshanah H3466 with H854 the towns H1323 thereof, and Ephrain H6085 with the towns H1323 thereof.

2Cr 13:20 Neither H3808 did Jeroboam H3379 recover H6113 strength H3581 again H5750 in the days H3117 of Abijah: H29 and the LORD H3068 struck H5062 him, and he died.H4191

2Cr 13:21 But Abijah H29 waxed mighty, H2388 and married H5375 fourteen H702 H6240 wives, H802 and begat H3205 twenty H6242 and two H8147 sons, H1121 and sixteen H8337 H6240 daughters.H1323

2Cr 13:22 And the rest H3499 of the acts H1697 of Abijah, H29 and his ways, H1870 and his sayings, H1697 are written H3789 in the story H4097 of the prophet H5030 Iddo.H5714

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