Cantares  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

Cnt 5:1 I am come H935 into my garden, H1588 my sister, H269 my spouse: H3618 I have gathered H717 my myrrh H4753 with H5973 my spice; H1313 I have eaten H398 my honeycomb H3293 with H5973 my honey; H1706 I have drunk H8354 my wine H3196 with H5973 my milk: H2461 eat, H398 O friends; H7453 drink, H8354 yea, drink abundantly, H7937 O beloved.H1730

Cnt 5:2 I H589 sleep, H3463 but my heart H3820 waketh: H5782 it is the voice H6963 of my beloved H1730 that knocketh, H1849 saying, Open H6605 to me, my sister, H269 my love, H7474 my dove, H3123 my undefiled: H8535 for my head H7945 H7218 is filled H4390 with dew, H2919 and my locks H6977 with the drops H7447 of the night.H3915

Cnt 5:3 I have put off H6584 (H853) my coat; H3801 how H349 shall I put it on? H3847 I have washed H7364 (H853) my feet; H7272 how H349 shall I defile H2936 them?

Cnt 5:4 My beloved H1730 put in H7971 his hand H3027 by H4480 the hole H2356 of the door, and my bowels H4578 were moved H1993 for H5921 him.

Cnt 5:5 I H589 rose up H6965 to open H6605 to my beloved; H1730 and my hands H3027 dropped H5197 with myrrh, H4753 and my fingers H676 with sweet smelling H5674 myrrh, H4753 upon H5921 the handles H3709 of the lock.H4514

Cnt 5:6 I H589 opened H6605 to my beloved; H1730 but my beloved H1730 had withdrawn H2559 himself, and was gone: H5674 my soul H5315 failed H3318 when he spake: H1696 I sought H1245 him, but I could not H3808 find H4672 him; I called H7121 him, but he gave me no answer. H3808 H6030

Cnt 5:7 The watchmen H8104 that went about H5437 the city H5892 found H4672 me, they smote H5221 me, they wounded H6481 me; the keepers H8104 of the walls H2346 took away H5375 (H853) my veil H7289 from H4480 H5921 me.

Cnt 5:8 I charge H7650 you, O daughters H1323 of Jerusalem, H3389 if H518 ye find H4672 (H853) my beloved, H1730 that H4100 ye tell H5046 him, that I H589 am sick H7945 H2470 of love.H160

Cnt 5:9 What H4100 is thy beloved H1730 more than another beloved, H4480 H1730 O thou fairest H3303 among women? H802 what H4100 is thy beloved H1730 more than another beloved, H4480 H1730 that thou dost so H7945 H3602 charge H7650 us?

Cnt 5:10 My beloved H1730 is white H6703 and ruddy, H122 the chiefest H1713 among ten thousand. H4480 H7233

Cnt 5:11 His head H7218 is as the most H3800 fine gold, H6337 his locks H6977 are bushy, H8534 and black H7838 as a raven.H6158

Cnt 5:12 His eyes H5869 are as the eyes of doves H3123 by H5921 the rivers H650 of waters, H4325 washed H7364 with milk, H2461 and fitly set. H4402 H3427

Cnt 5:13 His cheeks H3895 are as a bed H6170 of spices, H1314 as sweet H4840 flowers: H4026 his lips H8193 like lilies, H7799 dropping H5197 sweet smelling H5674 myrrh.H4753

Cnt 5:14 His hands H3027 are as gold H2091 rings H1550 set H4390 with the beryl: H8658 his belly H4578 is as bright H6247 ivory H8127 overlaid H5968 with sapphires.H5601

Cnt 5:15 His legs H7785 are as pillars H5982 of marble, H8336 set H3245 upon H5921 sockets H134 of fine gold: H6337 his countenance H4758 is as Lebanon, H3844 excellent H977 as the cedars.H730

Cnt 5:16 His mouth H2441 is most sweet: H4477 yea, he is altogether H3605 lovely. H4261 This H2088 is my beloved, H1730 and this H2088 is my friend, H7453 O daughters H1323 of Jerusalem.H3389

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