Ezequiel  Capitulo 15 - King James with Numbers Strong

Eze 15:1 And the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 came H1961 unto H413 me, saying,H559

Eze 15:2 Son H1121 of man, H120 What H4100 is H1961 the vine H1612 tree H6086 more than any H4480 H3605 tree, H6086 or than a branch H2156 which H834 is H1961 among the trees H6086 of the forest?H3293

Eze 15:3 Shall wood H6086 be taken H3947 thereof H4480 to do H6213 any work? H4399 or H518 will men take H3947 a pin H3489 of H4480 it to hang H8518 any H3605 vessel H3627 thereon?H5921

Eze 15:4 Behold, H2009 it is cast H5414 into the fire H784 for fuel; H402 the fire H784 devoureth H398 (H853) both H8147 the ends H7098 of it, and the midst H8432 of it is burned. H2787 Is it meet H6743 for any work?H4399

Eze 15:5 Behold, H2009 when it was H1961 whole, H8549 it was meet H6213 for no H3808 work: H4399 how much less H637 shall it be meet H6213 yet H5750 for any work, H4399 when H3588 the fire H784 hath devoured H398 it, and it is burned?H2787

Eze 15:6 Therefore H3651 thus H3541 saith H559 the Lord H136 GOD; H3069 As H834 the vine H1612 tree H6086 among the trees H6086 of the forest, H3293 which H834 I have given H5414 to the fire H784 for fuel, H402 so H3651 will I give H5414 (H853) the inhabitants H3427 of Jerusalem.H3389

Eze 15:7 And I will set H5414 (H853) my face H6440 against them; they shall go out H3318 from one fire, H784 and another fire H784 shall devour H398 them; and ye shall know H3045 that H3588 I H589 am the LORD, H3068 when I set H7760 (H853) my face H6440 against them.

Eze 15:8 And I will make H5414 (H853) the land H776 desolate, H8077 because H3282 they have committed H4603 a trespass, H4604 saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD.H3069

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