Isaías  Capitulo 35 - King James with Numbers Strong

Isa 35:1 The wilderness H4057 and the solitary place H6723 shall be glad H7797 for them; and the desert H6160 shall rejoice, H1523 and blossom H6524 as the rose.H2261

Isa 35:2 It shall blossom abundantly, H6524 H6524 and rejoice H1523 even H637 with joy H1525 and singing: H7442 the glory H3519 of Lebanon H3844 shall be given H5414 unto it, the excellency H1926 of Carmel H3760 and Sharon, H8289 they H1992 shall see H7200 the glory H3519 of the LORD, H3068 and the excellency H1926 of our God.H430

Isa 35:3 Strengthen H2388 ye the weak H7504 hands, H3027 and confirm H553 the feeble H3782 knees.H1290

Isa 35:4 Say H559 to them that are of a fearful H4116 heart, H3820 Be strong, H2388 fear H3372 not: H408 behold, H2009 your God H430 will come H935 with vengeance, H5359 even God H430 with a recompence; H1576 he H1931 will come H935 and save H3467 you.

Isa 35:5 Then H227 the eyes H5869 of the blind H5787 shall be opened, H6491 and the ears H241 of the deaf H2795 shall be unstopped.H6605

Isa 35:6 Then H227 shall the lame H6455 man leap H1801 as an hart, H354 and the tongue H3956 of the dumb H483 sing: H7442 for H3588 in the wilderness H4057 shall waters H4325 break out, H1234 and streams H5158 in the desert.H6160

Isa 35:7 And the parched ground H8273 shall become H1961 a pool, H98 and the thirsty land H6774 springs H4002 of water: H4325 in the habitation H5116 of dragons, H8565 where each lay, H7258 shall be grass H2682 with reeds H7070 and rushes.H1573

Isa 35:8 And an highway H4547 shall be H1961 there, H8033 and a way, H1870 and it shall be called H7121 The way H1870 of holiness; H6944 the unclean H2931 shall not H3808 pass over H5674 it; but it H1931 shall be for those: the wayfaring men, H1980 H1870 though fools, H191 shall not H3808 err H8582 therein.

Isa 35:9 No H3808 lion H738 shall be H1961 there, H8033 nor H1077 any ravenous H6530 beast H2416 shall go up H5927 thereon, it shall not H3808 be found H4672 there; H8033 but the redeemed H1350 shall walk H1980 there:

Isa 35:10 And the ransomed H6299 of the LORD H3068 shall return, H7725 and come H935 to Zion H6726 with songs H7440 and everlasting H5769 joy H8342 upon H5921 their heads: H7218 they shall obtain H5381 joy H8342 and gladness, H8057 and sorrow H3015 and sighing H585 shall flee away.H5127

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