Salmos  Capitulo 102 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 102:1 A Prayer H8605 of the afflicted, H6041 when H3588 he is overwhelmed, H5848 and poureth out H8210 his complaint H7879 before H6440 the LORD. H3068 Hear H8085 my prayer, H8605 O LORD, H3068 and let my cry H7775 come H935 unto H413 thee.

Sal 102:2 Hide H5641 not H408 thy face H6440 from H4480 me in the day H3117 when I am in trouble; H6862 incline H5186 thine ear H241 unto H413 me: in the day H3117 when I call H7121 answer H6030 me speedily.H4116

Sal 102:3 For H3588 my days H3117 are consumed H3615 like smoke, H6227 and my bones H6106 are burned H2787 as H3644 an hearth.H4168

Sal 102:4 My heart H3820 is smitten, H5221 and withered H3001 like grass; H6212 so H3588 that I forget H7911 to eat H4480 H398 my bread.H3899

Sal 102:5 By reason of the voice H4480 H6963 of my groaning H585 my bones H6106 cleave H1692 to my skin.H1320

Sal 102:6 I am like H1819 a pelican H6893 of the wilderness: H4057 I am H1961 like an owl H3563 of the desert.H2723

Sal 102:7 I watch, H8245 and am H1961 as a sparrow H6833 alone H909 upon H5921 the house top.H1406

Sal 102:8 Mine enemies H341 reproach H2778 me all H3605 the day; H3117 and they that are mad H1984 against me are sworn H7650 against me.

Sal 102:9 For H3588 I have eaten H398 ashes H665 like bread, H3899 and mingled H4537 my drink H8249 with weeping,H1065

Sal 102:10 Because H4480 H6440 of thine indignation H2195 and thy wrath: H7110 for H3588 thou hast lifted me up, H5375 and cast me down.H7993

Sal 102:11 My days H3117 are like a shadow H6738 that declineth; H5186 and I H589 am withered H3001 like grass.H6212

Sal 102:12 But thou, H859 O LORD, H3068 shalt endure H3427 for ever; H5769 and thy remembrance H2143 unto all generations. H1755 H1755

Sal 102:13 Thou H859 shalt arise, H6965 and have mercy upon H7355 Zion: H6726 for H3588 the time H6256 to favour H2603 her, yea, H3588 the set time, H4150 is come.H935

Sal 102:14 For H3588 thy servants H5650 take pleasure in H7521 (H853) her stones, H68 and favour H2603 the dust H6083 thereof.

Sal 102:15 So the heathen H1471 shall fear H3372 (H853) the name H8034 of the LORD, H3068 and all H3605 the kings H4428 of the earth H776 (H853) thy glory.H3519

Sal 102:16 When H3588 the LORD H3068 shall build up H1129 Zion, H6726 he shall appear H7200 in his glory.H3519

Sal 102:17 He will regard H6437 H413 the prayer H8605 of the destitute, H6199 and not H3808 despise H959 (H853) their prayer.H8605

Sal 102:18 This H2063 shall be written H3789 for the generation H1755 to come: H314 and the people H5971 which shall be created H1254 shall praise H1984 the LORD.H3050

Sal 102:19 For H3588 he hath looked down H8259 from the height H4480 H4791 of his sanctuary; H6944 from heaven H4480 H8064 did the LORD H3068 behold H5027 H413 the earth;H776

Sal 102:20 To hear H8085 the groaning H603 of the prisoner; H615 to loose H6605 those that are appointed H1121 to death;H8546

Sal 102:21 To declare H5608 the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 in Zion, H6726 and his praise H8416 in Jerusalem;H3389

Sal 102:22 When the people H5971 are gathered H6908 together, H3162 and the kingdoms, H4467 to serve H5647 (H853) the LORD.H3068

Sal 102:23 He weakened H6031 my strength H3581 in the way; H1870 he shortened H7114 my days.H3117

Sal 102:24 I said, H559 O my God, H410 take H5927 me not H408 away in the midst H2677 of my days: H3117 thy years H8141 are throughout all generations. H1755 H1755

Sal 102:25 Of old H6440 hast thou laid the foundation H3245 of the earth: H776 and the heavens H8064 are the work H4639 of thy hands.H3027

Sal 102:26 They H1992 shall perish, H6 but thou H859 shalt endure: H5975 yea, all H3605 of them shall wax old H1086 like a garment; H899 as a vesture H3830 shalt thou change H2498 them, and they shall be changed:H2498

Sal 102:27 But thou H859 art the same, H1931 and thy years H8141 shall have no H3808 end.H8552

Sal 102:28 The children H1121 of thy servants H5650 shall continue, H7931 and their seed H2233 shall be established H3559 before H6440 thee.

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