Salmos  Capitulo 111 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 111:1 Praise H1984 ye the LORD. H3050 I will praise H3034 the LORD H3068 with my whole H3605 heart, H3824 in the assembly H5475 of the upright, H3477 and in the congregation.H5712

Sal 111:2 The works H4639 of the LORD H3068 are great, H1419 sought out H1875 of all H3605 them that have pleasure H2656 therein.

Sal 111:3 His work H6467 is honourable H1935 and glorious: H1926 and his righteousness H6666 endureth H5975 for ever.H5703

Sal 111:4 He hath made H6213 his wonderful works H6381 to be remembered: H2143 the LORD H3068 is gracious H2587 and full of compassion.H7349

Sal 111:5 He hath given H5414 meat H2964 unto them that fear H3373 him: he will ever H5769 be mindful H2142 of his covenant.H1285

Sal 111:6 He hath shewed H5046 his people H5971 the power H3581 of his works, H4639 that he may give H5414 them the heritage H5159 of the heathen.H1471

Sal 111:7 The works H4639 of his hands H3027 are verity H571 and judgment; H4941 all H3605 his commandments H6490 are sure.H539

Sal 111:8 They stand fast H5564 for ever H5703 and ever, H5769 and are done H6213 in truth H571 and uprightness.H3477

Sal 111:9 He sent H7971 redemption H6304 unto his people: H5971 he hath commanded H6680 his covenant H1285 for ever: H5769 holy H6918 and reverend H3372 is his name.H8034

Sal 111:10 The fear H3374 of the LORD H3068 is the beginning H7225 of wisdom: H2451 a good H2896 understanding H7922 have all H3605 they that do H6213 his commandments: his praise H8416 endureth H5975 for ever.H5703

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