Salmos  Capitulo 125 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 125:1 A Song H7892 of degrees. H4609 They that trust H982 in the LORD H3068 shall be as mount H2022 Zion, H6726 which cannot H3808 be removed, H4131 but abideth H3427 for ever.H5769

Sal 125:2 As the mountains H2022 are round about H5439 Jerusalem, H3389 so the LORD H3068 is round about H5439 his people H5971 from henceforth H4480 H6258 even for ever. H5704 H5769

Sal 125:3 For H3588 the rod H7626 of the wicked H7562 shall not H3808 rest H5117 upon H5921 the lot H1486 of the righteous; H6662 lest H4616 H3808 the righteous H6662 put forth H7971 their hands H3027 unto iniquity.H5766

Sal 125:4 Do good, H3190 O LORD, H3068 unto those that be good, H2896 and to them that are upright H3477 in their hearts.H3826

Sal 125:5 As for such as turn aside H5186 unto their crooked ways, H6128 the LORD H3068 shall lead them forth H1980 with H854 the workers H6466 of iniquity: H205 but peace H7965 shall be upon H5921 Israel.H3478

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