Salmos  Capitulo 127 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 127:1 A Song H7892 of degrees H4609 for Solomon. H8010 Except H518 H3808 the LORD H3068 build H1129 the house, H1004 they labour H5998 in vain H7723 that build H1129 it: except H518 H3808 the LORD H3068 keep H8104 the city, H5892 the watchman H8104 waketh H8245 but in vain.H7723

Sal 127:2 It is vain H7723 for you to rise up H6965 early, H7925 to sit up H3427 late, H309 to eat H398 the bread H3899 of sorrows: H6089 for so H3651 he giveth H5414 his beloved H3039 sleep.H8142

Sal 127:3 Lo, H2009 children H1121 are an heritage H5159 of the LORD: H3068 and the fruit H6529 of the womb H990 is his reward.H7939

Sal 127:4 As arrows H2671 are in the hand H3027 of a mighty H1368 man; so H3651 are children H1121 of the youth.H5271

Sal 127:5 Happy H835 is the man H1397 that H834 hath(H853) his quiver H827 full H4390 of H4480 them: they shall not H3808 be ashamed, H954 but H3588 they shall speak H1696 with H854 the enemies H341 in the gate.H8179

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