Salmos  Capitulo 13 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 13:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 How long H5704 H575 wilt thou forget H7911 me, O LORD? H3068 for ever? H5331 how long H5704 H575 wilt thou hide H5641 (H853) thy face H6440 from H4480 me?

Sal 13:2 How long H5704 H575 shall I take H7896 counsel H6098 in my soul, H5315 having sorrow H3015 in my heart H3824 daily? H3119 how long H5704 H575 shall mine enemy H341 be exalted H7311 over H5921 me?

Sal 13:3 Consider H5027 and hear H6030 me, O LORD H3068 my God: H430 lighten H215 mine eyes, H5869 lest H6435 I sleep H3462 the sleep of death;H4194

Sal 13:4 Lest H6435 mine enemy H341 say, H559 I have prevailed against H3201 him; and those that trouble H6862 me rejoice H1523 when H3588 I am moved.H4131

Sal 13:5 But I H589 have trusted H982 in thy mercy; H2617 my heart H3820 shall rejoice H1523 in thy salvation.H3444

Sal 13:6 I will sing H7891 unto the LORD, H3068 because H3588 he hath dealt bountifully H1580 with H5921 me.

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