Salmos  Capitulo 142 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 142:1 Maschil H4905 of David; H1732 A Prayer H8605 when he was H1961 in the cave. H4631 I cried H2199 unto H413 the LORD H3068 with my voice; H6963 with my voice H6963 unto H413 the LORD H3068 did I make my supplication.H2603

Sal 142:2 I poured out H8210 my complaint H7879 before H6440 him; I shewed H5046 before H6440 him my trouble.H6869

Sal 142:3 When my spirit H7307 was overwhelmed H5848 within H5921 me, then thou H859 knewest H3045 my path. H5410 In the way H734 wherein H2098 I walked H1980 have they privily laid H2934 a snare H6341 for me.

Sal 142:4 I looked H5027 on my right hand, H3225 and beheld, H7200 but there was no man H369 that would know H5234 me: refuge H4498 failed H6 H4480 me; no man H369 cared H1875 for my soul.H5315

Sal 142:5 I cried H2199 unto H413 thee, O LORD: H3068 I said, H559 Thou H859 art my refuge H4268 and my portion H2506 in the land H776 of the living.H2416

Sal 142:6 Attend H7181 unto H413 my cry; H7440 for H3588 I am brought very low: H1809 H3966 deliver H5337 me from my persecutors; H4480 H7291 for H3588 they are stronger H553 than H4480 I.

Sal 142:7 Bring my soul out H3318 H5315 of prison, H4480 H4525 that I may praise H3034 (H853) thy name: H8034 the righteous H6662 shall compass me about; H3803 for H3588 thou shalt deal bountifully H1580 with H5921 me.

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