Salmos  Capitulo 145 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 145:1 David's H1732 Psalm of praise. H8416 I will extol H7311 thee, my God, H430 O king; H4428 and I will bless H1288 thy name H8034 for ever H5769 and ever.H5703

Sal 145:2 Every H3605 day H3117 will I bless H1288 thee; and I will praise H1984 thy name H8034 for ever H5769 and ever.H5703

Sal 145:3 Great H1419 is the LORD, H3068 and greatly H3966 to be praised; H1984 and his greatness H1420 is unsearchable. H369 H2714

Sal 145:4 One generation H1755 shall praise H7623 thy works H4639 to another, H1755 and shall declare H5046 thy mighty acts.H1369

Sal 145:5 I will speak H7878 of the glorious H3519 honour H1926 of thy majesty, H1935 and of thy wondrous H6381 works.H1697

Sal 145:6 And men shall speak H559 of the might H5807 of thy terrible acts: H3372 and I will declare H5608 thy greatness.H1420

Sal 145:7 They shall abundantly utter H5042 the memory H2143 of thy great H7227 goodness, H2898 and shall sing H7442 of thy righteousness.H6666

Sal 145:8 The LORD H3068 is gracious, H2587 and full of compassion; H7349 slow H750 to anger, H639 and of great H1419 mercy.H2617

Sal 145:9 The LORD H3068 is good H2896 to all: H3605 and his tender mercies H7356 are over H5921 all H3605 his works.H4639

Sal 145:10 All H3605 thy works H4639 shall praise H3034 thee, O LORD; H3068 and thy saints H2623 shall bless H1288 thee.

Sal 145:11 They shall speak H559 of the glory H3519 of thy kingdom, H4438 and talk H1696 of thy power;H1369

Sal 145:12 To make known H3045 to the sons H1121 of men H120 his mighty acts, H1369 and the glorious H3519 majesty H1926 of his kingdom.H4438

Sal 145:13 Thy kingdom H4438 is an everlasting H3605 H5769 kingdom, H4438 and thy dominion H4475 endureth throughout all H3605 generations. H1755 H1755

Sal 145:14 The LORD H3068 upholdeth H5564 all H3605 that fall, H5307 and raiseth up H2210 all H3605 those that be bowed down.H3721

Sal 145:15 The eyes H5869 of all H3605 wait H7663 upon H413 thee; and thou H859 givest H5414 them(H853) their meat H400 in due season.H6256

Sal 145:16 Thou openest H6605 (H853) thine hand, H3027 and satisfiest H7646 the desire H7522 of every H3605 living thing.H2416

Sal 145:17 The LORD H3068 is righteous H6662 in all H3605 his ways, H1870 and holy H2623 in all H3605 his works.H4639

Sal 145:18 The LORD H3068 is nigh H7138 unto all H3605 them that call H7121 upon him, to all H3605 that H834 call H7121 upon him in truth.H571

Sal 145:19 He will fulfil H6213 the desire H7522 of them that fear H3373 him: he also will hear H8085 their cry, H7775 and will save H3467 them.

Sal 145:20 The LORD H3068 preserveth H8104 (H853) all H3605 them that love H157 him: but all H3605 the wicked H7563 will he destroy.H8045

Sal 145:21 My mouth H6310 shall speak H1696 the praise H8416 of the LORD: H3068 and let all H3605 flesh H1320 bless H1288 his holy H6944 name H8034 for ever H5769 and ever.H5703

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