Salmos  Capitulo 147 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 147:1 Praise H1984 ye the LORD: H3050 for H3588 it is good H2896 to sing praises H2167 unto our God; H430 for H3588 it is pleasant; H5273 and praise H8416 is comely.H5000

Sal 147:2 The LORD H3068 doth build up H1129 Jerusalem: H3389 he gathereth together H3664 the outcasts H1760 of Israel.H3478

Sal 147:3 He healeth H7495 the broken H7665 in heart, H3820 and bindeth up H2280 their wounds.H6094

Sal 147:4 He telleth H4487 the number H4557 of the stars; H3556 he calleth H7121 them all H3605 by their names.H8034

Sal 147:5 Great H1419 is our Lord, H113 and of great H7227 power: H3581 his understanding H8394 is infinite. H369 H4557

Sal 147:6 The LORD H3068 lifteth up H5749 the meek: H6035 he casteth the wicked down H8213 H7563 to H5704 the ground.H776

Sal 147:7 Sing H6030 unto the LORD H3068 with thanksgiving; H8426 sing praise H2167 upon the harp H3658 unto our God:H430

Sal 147:8 Who covereth H3680 the heaven H8064 with clouds, H5645 who prepareth H3559 rain H4306 for the earth, H776 who maketh grass H2682 to grow H6779 upon the mountains.H2022

Sal 147:9 He giveth H5414 to the beast H929 his food, H3899 and to the young H1121 ravens H6158 which H834 cry.H7121

Sal 147:10 He delighteth H2654 not H3808 in the strength H1369 of the horse: H5483 he taketh not pleasure H3808 H7521 in the legs H7785 of a man.H376

Sal 147:11 The LORD H3068 taketh pleasure in H7521 (H853) them that fear H3373 him, in(H853) those that hope H3176 in his mercy.H2617

Sal 147:12 Praise H7623 (H853) the LORD, H3068 O Jerusalem; H3389 praise H1984 thy God, H430 O Zion.H6726

Sal 147:13 For H3588 he hath strengthened H2388 the bars H1280 of thy gates; H8179 he hath blessed H1288 thy children H1121 within H7130 thee.

Sal 147:14 He maketh H7760 peace H7965 in thy borders, H1366 and filleth H7646 thee with the finest H2459 of the wheat.H2406

Sal 147:15 He sendeth forth H7971 his commandment H565 upon earth: H776 his word H1697 runneth H7323 very H5704 swiftly.H4120

Sal 147:16 He giveth H5414 snow H7950 like wool: H6785 he scattereth H6340 the hoarfrost H3713 like ashes.H665

Sal 147:17 He casteth forth H7993 his ice H7140 like morsels: H6595 who H4310 can stand H5975 before H6440 his cold?H7135

Sal 147:18 He sendeth out H7971 his word, H1697 and melteth H4529 them: he causeth his wind H7307 to blow, H5380 and the waters H4325 flow.H5140

Sal 147:19 He sheweth H5046 his word H1697 unto Jacob, H3290 his statutes H2706 and his judgments H4941 unto Israel.H3478

Sal 147:20 He hath not H3808 dealt H6213 so H3651 with any H3605 nation: H1471 and as for his judgments, H4941 they have not H1077 known H3045 them. Praise H1984 ye the LORD.H3050

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