Salmos  Capitulo 16 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 16:1 Michtam H4387 of David. H1732 Preserve H8104 me, O God: H410 for H3588 in thee do I put my trust.H2620

Sal 16:2 O my soul, thou hast said H559 unto the LORD, H3068 Thou H859 art my Lord: H136 my goodness H2896 extendeth not H1077 to H5921 thee;

Sal 16:3 But to the saints H6918 that H834 are in the earth, H776 and to the excellent, H117 in whom is all H3605 my delight.H2656

Sal 16:4 Their sorrows H6094 shall be multiplied H7235 that hasten H4116 after another H312 god: their drink offerings H5262 of blood H4480 H1818 will I not H1077 offer, H5258 nor H1077 take up H5375 (H853) their names H8034 into H5921 my lips.H8193

Sal 16:5 The LORD H3068 is the portion H4521 of mine inheritance H2506 and of my cup: H3563 thou H859 maintainest H8551 my lot.H1486

Sal 16:6 The lines H2256 are fallen H5307 unto me in pleasant H5273 places; yea, H637 I have H5921 a goodly H8231 heritage.H5159

Sal 16:7 I will bless H1288 (H853) the LORD, H3068 who H834 hath given me counsel: H3289 my reins H3629 also H637 instruct H3256 me in the night seasons.H3915

Sal 16:8 I have set H7737 the LORD H3068 always H8548 before H5048 me: because H3588 he is at my right hand, H4480 H3225 I shall not H1077 be moved.H4131

Sal 16:9 Therefore H3651 my heart H3820 is glad, H8055 and my glory H3519 rejoiceth: H1523 my flesh H1320 also H637 shall rest H7931 in hope.H983

Sal 16:10 For H3588 thou wilt not H3808 leave H5800 my soul H5315 in hell; H7585 neither H3808 wilt thou suffer H5414 thine Holy One H2623 to see H7200 corruption.H7845

Sal 16:11 Thou wilt shew H3045 me the path H734 of life: H2416 in H854 thy presence H6440 is fulness H7648 of joy; H8057 at thy right hand H3225 there are pleasures H5273 for evermore.H5331

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