Salmos  Capitulo 17 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 17:1 A Prayer H8605 of David. H1732 Hear H8085 the right, H6664 O LORD, H3068 attend H7181 unto my cry, H7440 give ear H238 unto my prayer, H8605 that goeth not H3808 out of feigned H4820 lips.H8193

Sal 17:2 Let my sentence H4941 come forth H3318 from thy presence; H4480 H6440 let thine eyes H5869 behold H2372 the things that are equal.H4339

Sal 17:3 Thou hast proved H974 mine heart; H3820 thou hast visited H6485 me in the night; H3915 thou hast tried H6884 me, and shalt find H4672 nothing; H1077 I am purposed H2161 that my mouth H6310 shall not H1077 transgress.H5674

Sal 17:4 Concerning the works H6468 of men, H120 by the word H1697 of thy lips H8193 I H589 have kept H8104 me from the paths H734 of the destroyer.H6530

Sal 17:5 Hold up H8551 my goings H838 in thy paths, H4570 that my footsteps H6471 slip H4131 not.H1077

Sal 17:6 I H589 have called upon H7121 thee, for H3588 thou wilt hear H6030 me, O God: H410 incline H5186 thine ear H241 unto me, and hear H8085 my speech.H565

Sal 17:7 Shew thy marvellous lovingkindness, H6395 H2617 O thou that savest H3467 by thy right hand H3225 them which put their trust H2620 in thee from those that rise up H4480 H6965 against them.

Sal 17:8 Keep H8104 me as the apple H380 H1323 of the eye, H5869 hide H5641 me under the shadow H6738 of thy wings,H3671

Sal 17:9 From H4480 H6440 the wicked H7563 that H2098 oppress H7703 me, from my deadly H5315 enemies, H341 who compass me about. H5362 H5921

Sal 17:10 They are inclosed in H5462 their own fat: H2459 with their mouth H6310 they speak H1696 proudly.H1348

Sal 17:11 They have now H6258 compassed H5437 us in our steps: H838 they have set H7896 their eyes H5869 bowing down H5186 to the earth;H776

Sal 17:12 Like H1825 as a lion H738 that is greedy H3700 of his prey, H2963 and as it were a young lion H3715 lurking H3427 in secret places.H4565

Sal 17:13 Arise, H6965 O LORD, H3068 disappoint H6923 H6440 him, cast him down: H3766 deliver H6403 my soul H5315 from the wicked, H4480 H7563 which is thy sword:H2719

Sal 17:14 From men H4480 H4962 which are thy hand, H3027 O LORD, H3068 from men H4480 H4962 of the world, H4480 H2465 which have their portion H2506 in this life, H2416 and whose belly H990 thou fillest H4390 with thy hid H6845 treasure: they are full H7646 of children, H1121 and leave H5117 the rest H3499 of their substance to their babes.H5768

Sal 17:15 As for me, H589 I will behold H2372 thy face H6440 in righteousness: H6664 I shall be satisfied, H7646 when I awake, H6974 with thy likeness.H8544

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