Salmos  Capitulo 20 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 20:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 The LORD H3068 hear H6030 thee in the day H3117 of trouble; H6869 the name H8034 of the God H430 of Jacob H3290 defend H7682 thee;

Sal 20:2 Send H7971 thee help H5828 from the sanctuary, H4480 H6944 and strengthen H5582 thee out of Zion; H4480 H6726

Sal 20:3 Remember H2142 all H3605 thy offerings, H4503 and accept H1878 thy burnt sacrifice; H5930 Selah.H5542

Sal 20:4 Grant H5414 thee according to thine own heart, H3824 and fulfil H4390 all H3605 thy counsel.H6098

Sal 20:5 We will rejoice H7442 in thy salvation, H3444 and in the name H8034 of our God H430 we will set up our banners: H1713 the LORD H3068 fulfil H4390 all H3605 thy petitions.H4862

Sal 20:6 Now H6258 know H3045 I that H3588 the LORD H3068 saveth H3467 his anointed; H4899 he will hear H6030 him from his holy H6944 heaven H4480 H8064 with the saving H3468 strength H1369 of his right hand.H3225

Sal 20:7 Some H428 trust in chariots, H7393 and some H428 in horses: H5483 but we H587 will remember H2142 the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 our God.H430

Sal 20:8 They H1992 are brought down H3766 and fallen: H5307 but we H587 are risen, H6965 and stand upright.H5749

Sal 20:9 Save, H3467 LORD: H3068 let the king H4428 hear H6030 us when H3117 we call.H7121

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